What is SCMA: Sparse Code Multiple Access

Discover the basics of SCMA: Sparse Code Multiple Access, the multiple access techniques being developed for possible use in advanced wireless systems like 5G and many others.

FET Circuit Configurations

Circuit configurations for FET circuits including common source, common gate and common drain with their characteristics.



Power MOSFETS are widely used in switching applications: find out how they work; how to use them; structure; operation; design guide & precautions in using them.


What is VoLTE, Voice over LTE

Details of VoLTE Voice over LTE the IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem based technology supported by GSMA for providing a unified format for Voice traffic over LTE channels.

Facts of the day

Capacitor Dielectric Constant and Permittivity

Description of capacitor permittivity and dielectric constant with equations and a table of values for common materials and substances.

IEEE 802.11b

An overview or tutorial about the 802.11b the Wi-Fi standard providing data rates of 11 Mbps at 2.4 GHz

01 October 2018 | Sven Etzold | U-blox

Gladys West - Pioneer of GPS

GPS and GNSS positioning technology is such an integral part of our lives today that we rarely stop to think about where it all came from. When we do, we usually picture men in white shirts and dark glasses hunched over calculators and slide rules. In fact, one of the early pioneers behind GPS and GNSS technology was Gladys West - a black woman.

Gladys West - Pioneer of GPS

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