PLL Frequency Synthesizer Tutorial

Essentials of the phase locked loop, PLL, frequency synthesizer, including operation, block diagrams, methodologies, circuit blocks, design, etc ...

Gate Turn-Off Thyristor, GTO

Description and information about the Gate Turn-Off Thyristor, its operation, applications, structure and circuit design considerations.


Antenna feed impedance

Overview, summary, tutorial about RF antenna or aerial feed impedance and the importance of matching RF andtennas to feeders. Radiation resistance, loss resistance, and efficiency are also detailed.

RFID Frequencies and RFID Frequency Bands

Details of RFID, Radio Frequency Identification frequencies, frequency bands and channels.

3G TD-SCDMA Tutorial

An overview or tutorial of the basics of TD-SCDMA, the 3G UMTS TDD system that has been widely deployed in China.

Facts of the day

Op Amp Comparator Circuit

Operational amplifier, op amp comparator circuit with design details, calculations and essential precautions to ensure the op-amp comparator works effectively.


Oscilloscope Tutorial

An in-depth tutorial covering all aspects of oscilloscopes, what they are, the different types, how they work and how they can be used.

09 July 2018 | | Rutronik

Securing the future of IoT

Co-authored by Bernd Hantsche, Head of the GDPR Team of Excellence and Marketing Director Embedded & Wireless and Richard Ward, ‎Semiconductor Marketing Manager at Rutronik.

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