RF Mixer | RF Mixing / Multiplication | Tutorial

Essentials of RF mixers, mixing / multiplication - how RF mixers work in theory and practice - details of mathematics and practical ideas.

Antenna Diplexer, Duplexer, Splitter, Combiner

Tutorial of the essentials of the antenna diplexer or RF diplexer used for splitting and combining antenna transmission lines and feeds on single or multiple frequencies.


Inverting Operational Amplifier Circuit

Circuit and design details for an operational amplifier, op-amp inverting amplifier configuration, allong with its use as a summing amplifier / virtual earth mixer.

Facts of the day

Capacitors in Parallel

Discover the formulae and also the applications where capacitors may be placed in parallel. Key precautions and points to watch are also included.

Essentials of IEEE 802.11af White-Fi

IEEE 802.11af White-Fi system for Wi-Fi using the TV White spaces using cognitive radio technology - details of technology, operation, frequencies, etc..

09 July 2018 | | Rutronik

Securing the future of IoT

Co-authored by Bernd Hantsche, Head of the GDPR Team of Excellence and Marketing Director Embedded & Wireless and Richard Ward, ‎Semiconductor Marketing Manager at Rutronik.

Securing the future of IoT

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