Standard Resistor Values

Standard resistor values given in the EIA E series - with explanations of the system & tables of these common resistor values

3G TD-SCDMA Tutorial

An overview or tutorial of the basics of TD-SCDMA, the 3G UMTS TDD system that has been widely deployed in China.

Facts of the day

NFC Tags and Tag Types

A summary overview or tutorial of Near Field Communications NFC tags and definitions for the four tag types.


Nepers & Neper to dB Conversion Table

Overview of nepers with equations and a chart or table with decibel to neper & neper to dB conversions.

01 October 2018 | Sven Etzold | U-blox

Gladys West - Pioneer of GPS

GPS and GNSS positioning technology is such an integral part of our lives today that we rarely stop to think about where it all came from. When we do, we usually picture men in white shirts and dark glasses hunched over calculators and slide rules. In fact, one of the early pioneers behind GPS and GNSS technology was Gladys West - a black woman.

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