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Design of 15 GHz GaN MMIC Power Amplifiers

Stuart Glynn, Tony Richards, Liam Devlin of Plextek RF Integration investigate the design of gallium arsenide MMICs at 15 GHz for line of sight link applications


FET, Field Effect Transistor Essentials

Overview of the field effect transistor detailing the basic concepts behind the FET and the different types of FET available: theory, structures, operation, circuit details, specifications, etc..

Short Dipole Antenna

Read all the essential details about the short dipole antenna: what it is used for; key characteristics; design; operation; practical use.


GSM Radio Air Interface, GSM Slot and Burst [5]

A tutorial, overview of the GSM air interface or GSM signal with details of carrier, slot structure and transmission burst and duplex scheme and power class.

Facts of the day

24 November 2014

History - It was on this day in 1916 that Sir Hiram Maxim died. Although best known for his machine gun, he is also remembered for many other items including the development of the carbon light filament, various engine govenors and was Chief Engineer at the US Electric Lighting Company.

Quote - Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world. - Isaac Asimov

The way things are - It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.


IEEE 802.11ad Microwave Wi-Fi / WiGig

Essential details of the IEEE 802.11ad Microwave Wi-Fi standard dubbed WiGig that will provide data rates of up to 7 Gbps in 60 GHz ISM band. news from

Designing for Li-ion Batteries in Motor Applications
Discover all the design considerations for integrating brushless DC motors with Li-ion batteries in 3-phase motor applications in this whitepaper from Intersil.

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On-line: LTE/SAE System Overview
An on-line course providing all the key details of the LTE cellular system

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The Art of Electronics
The Art of Electronics

Paul Horowitz & Winfield Hill
Now in Kindle, this is the classic electronics book. The Art of Electronics has...
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