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What is 3GPP?

An explanation of what 3GPP is, how it works and the way it governs the standards for the mobile communications technologies from GSM, through GPRS & EDGE to UMTS, 4G LTE and then to 5G.


FinFET Technology Basics

All the essentials about FinFET technology that is now being used in many integrated circuit designs to provide the required levels of scalability.

Facts of the day

11 February 2016

History - It was on this day in 1847 that Thomas Alva Edison was born. He was a prolific American inventor who developed the practical electric light bulb, an electric generating system, a sound-recording device, and a motion picture projector. In all he held 1093 patents. Also on this day, but in 1254, the British Parliament was first convened.

Quote - The wireless telegraph is not difficult to understand. The ordinary telegraph is like a very long cat. You pull the tail in New York, and it meows in Los Angeles. The wireless is the same, only without the cat. - Albert Einstein

Fact - In 1958 when Jack Kilby invented the first IC it was a simple audio oscillator and only had one transistor. Bob Noyce is also credited with the invention of the IC as he set down many of the processes required.


dBm dBW Watts Conversion Table

A conversion table to convert between dBm, dBW and power measured in watts. dBm and dBW are usedly used in conjunction with RF test equipment including spectrum analyzers and signal generators.

Hotspot 2.0 - Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint

All the essential details about Wi-Fi Hotspot 2.0 also known as Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint that provides seamless connectivity much like that provided by cellular telecommunications systems by using IEEE 802.11u protocols.

08 February 2016 | Mark Pitchford | Lynx Software Technologies

Safety critical embedded systems & software

The consequences of a malfunction in the operation of embedded systems can have drastic consequences especially when used in safety critical applications - it is essential that they operate correctly at all times.

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Advances in Multi-Band Microstrip Filters
Advances in Multi-Band Microstrip Filters

Vesna Crnojevic-Bengin (Editor)
This book entitled: Advances in Multi-Band Microstrip Filters combines the work...
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Online - Transmission Lines, S-Parameters & Smith Chart
Understand these essential concepts without complex mathematics

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Using Digital Control Designs for Stable Power Supplies
Find out how to achieve stable power supply designs with fast transient response by using digital control techniques in this whitepaper from Intersil.

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