Test Faster with Simpler Software Interoperability

Michael Keane, Product Manager at National Instruments, looks at the advantages of the new LabVIEW NXG in providing more effective workflows.

PLL Loop Filter Design

Information, article, tutorial about the PLL loop filter and its design for optimum PLL and frequency synthesizer performance.

Half Wave Dipole Antenna

Find out the essentials about the half wave dipole antenna: its characteristics, advantages and practical details.

Facts of the day


Op Amp Gain Calculations & Tutorial

Essential circuit details, equations and calculations for operational amplifier gain for generic, open and closed loop circuit configurations.

19 March 2018 | Rudy Ramos | Mouser Electronics

A medal for mobile medicine?

Medical services the world over are coming under great pressure to deliver high-quality healthcare and, at the same time control costs. Alongside this, patients are becoming far more involved in their wellbeing as well as wanting a high standard of healthcare with even greater convenience than before. As people are more mobile these days, mobile healthcare (mHealth) avoids the need to visit the doctor’s office and allows patients to provide health data to providers, as well as receive care, anywhere on the planet.

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