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Mobile World Congress 2015: trends, issues & predictions

Our editor, Ian Poole, looks at key issues that will be seen at Mobile World Congress 2015: trends; issues; and generally what will be seen at MWC 2015.

Gilbert Cell RF Mixer

Essential details of the Gilbert cell mixer / multiplier with details of operation, circuit, design, application advantages and limitations.


Waveguide Cutoff Frequency

Waveguide cutoff frequency: details of what it is, how it affects operation and how it can be determined for rectangular and circular waveguides.


Operational Amplifier Tutorial

Tutorial and essential details about the op amp or operational amplifier: what it is, how it works; designing circuits and applications.

What is a Photomultiplier

An overview or tutorial about the basics of what is a photomultiplier or photo multiplier tube used in sensing light and creating images.

Facts of the day

31 January 2015

History - It was on this day in 1958 that the first American man made satellite was launched into orbit around the Earth. It was named Explorer 1.

Quote - Radio has no future. Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible. X-rays will prove to be a hoax. - William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, English scientist (1824-1907)

The way things are - If you cannot understand something, then say it is intuitively obvious.


Digital Oscilloscope Tutorial

Essential details about digital oscilloscope & digital storage scope, DSO technology, definitions, technology operation and their advantages / disadvantages. news from

The Market Opportunity for Envelope Tracking
Envelope tracking specialist Nujira looks at the market opportunities for Envelope Tracking: where it can be used; market forecasts; new and existing applications, etc. Read it now.

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Digital Predistortion Linearisation of RF and Wireless Power Amplifiers
Discover all you need to know about digital predistortion used in modern RF amplifiers

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Green RFID Systems
Green RFID Systems

Edited by Luca Roselli
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