Rohde & Schwarz
Rohde & Schwarz

PLL Frequency Synthesizer Tutorial

Essentials of the phase locked loop, PLL, frequency synthesizer, including operation, block diagrams, methodologies, circuit blocks, design, etc ...

Capacitor Smoothing Circuits & Calculations

Notes, details & calculations for smoothing capacitor circuits used with rectifiers with details of ripple voltage and ripple current.


Types of Diode

Summary of the different types of diodes used in electronics with links to further in-depth pages on individual diode types with circuit design details.

Facts of the day

21 October 2014

History - It was on this day in 1833 that Alfred Nobel was born. He was a Swedish chemist and the inventor of dynamite as well as being the founder of the Nobel Prizes.

Quote - Wise men don't need advice. Fools don't take it. - Benjamin Franklin

Fact - A photon that takes eight minutes to travel from the Sun to Earth took 100,000 years to get from the centre to the surface of the Sun.

Embedded Systems Basics Tutorial

Details about the basics of embedded systems, their definition, operation and a tutorial about the technology used


Wi-Fi 802.11 Channels & Frequencies

List of Wi-Fi / WLAN / 802.11 bands, their channel frequencies and bandwidth, 2.4 & 5 GHz allocations worldwide, & summary of which WiFi channels can be used together. news from

Redefining LTE for IoT
ARM and NextG explain how LTE with its high data rates, complexity and capacity can be used to provide effective communications for IoT with its lower complexity and data rate requirements.

More whitepapers

Modern Digital Radio Techniques (RF6-1114)
Obtain a thorough grounding digital radio techniques that form the basis of much of today's wireless communications.

More training courses

From Machine to Machine to the Internet of Things
From Machine to Machine to the Internet of Things

Vlasios Tsiatsis, Ioannis Fikouras, Stefan Avesand, Stamatis Karnouskos, Catherine Mulligan, David Boyle, Jan Holler
Machine to machine communications is set to grow at a very fast rate. New...
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