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Optimizing a Doherty Amplifier with a Monolithic RF Controller

Naveen Yanduru, Ph.D. and Kinana Hussain of Peregrine Semiconductor look at optimising the overall performance of a Doherty amplifier using an RF controller.


Types of Diode

Summary of the different types of diodes used in electronics with links to further in-depth pages on individual diode types with circuit design details.

Capacitor Smoothing Circuits & Calculations

Notes, details & calculations for smoothing capacitor circuits used with rectifiers with details of ripple voltage and ripple current.

Facts of the day

18 September 2014

Quote - Astronomy, as nothing else can do, teaches men humility. - Arthur C. Clarke

The way things are - If there are four possible ways in which something can go wrong, and they are circumvented, then a fifth way will promptly develop.

Z-Wave Tutorial

Read all about Z-Wave, the low power wireless technology aimed at home automation applications.


RF Signal Generator Essentials

Essentials of Radio Frequency, RF signal generators or microwave signal generators, facilities, capabilities, operation, etc . . . news from

Radio Receiver Technology: Principles, Architectures and Applications
Radio Receiver Technology: Principles, Architectures and Applications

Ralf Rudersdorfer
As the name implies, this book provides a complete description of current radio...
Read more . .

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