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RF Mixer specification

An overview, tutorial and information about the basics of RF mixer specifications (mixer specs) and how to specify an RF mixer for an RF design.


GSM Handover or Handoff

Tutorial, overview of the essentials of GSM handover or handoff from one cell to another and detailing types of handover and methodologies used.


Polystyrene Capacitor

Summary and notes on the polystyrene capacitor or polystyrene capacitor detailing its properties, advantages and disadvantages.

Radiowave Propagation and the Atmosphere

An overview of radio signals and radiowave propagation and how different areas of the atmosphere affect radio communications.


Bluetooth Host - L2CAP, SDP & GAP

Notes and details about the Bluetooth higher layer stack or Host: L2CAP, logical link control and adaptation protocol; SDP, Service Discovery Protocol & GAP, Generic Access Profile.

Facts of the day

30 January 2015

History - It was on this day in 1868 that Charles Darwin's book, Variations of Animals and Plants under Domestication was published. This book was used to support his theory of evolution published earlier. Also on this day, but in 1948, Orville Wright, the pioneering aviator died. Ferdinand Porsche of car fame died on this day in 1950, and Ernst Heinkel the German aircraft engineer died on this day in 1958.

Quote - How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is clearly Ocean. - Arthur C Clarke, English science fiction author and the person who first thought of geostationary satellites

Fact - The first patent for a battery operated personal calculator where the computation was undertaken in a single chip was granted to Texas Instruments in 1974.


RF Network Analyzer Basics Tutorial

A tutorial, information and overview about the basics of the RF network analyzer; what is a network analyser and how to use an RF network analyzer. news from

The Market Opportunity for Envelope Tracking
Envelope tracking specialist Nujira looks at the market opportunities for Envelope Tracking: where it can be used; market forecasts; new and existing applications, etc. Read it now.

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RF and Wireless Engineering Fundamentals
Gain a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of modern RF and wireless communications engineering.

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Green RFID Systems
Green RFID Systems

Edited by Luca Roselli
This book, Green RFID systems brings together the experience of 28...
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