Rohde & Schwarz
Rohde & Schwarz

Software Defined Radio, SDR

Tutorial and information about the basics of the software defined radio, SDR, and links of software defined radios to JTRS and general SDR receiver technology


Waveguide theory

The basics of RF waveguide theory including TE waves, TM waves and TEM waves, etc. including waveguide propagation constant.

ZigBee Technology Tutorial

An overview or tutorial of the ZigBee standard and Zigbee technology used for remote sensor, data collecting applications

Facts of the day

30 October 2014

Quote - I do not think that this 'transistor' can ever be worth the immense development cost that has gone into it. It cannot be mass produced and will never be able to handle more than very small signal levels. - Dr. Thomas James (1949)

The way things are - When all else fails, read the instructions.


Op Amp Gain Calculations & Tutorial

Essential circuit details, equations and calculations for operational amplifier gain for generic, open and closed loop circuit configurations.

Embedded Systems Basics Tutorial

Details about the basics of embedded systems, their definition, operation and a tutorial about the technology used news from

Redefining LTE for IoT
ARM and NextG-Com explain how LTE with its high data rates, complexity and capacity can be used to provide effective communications for IoT with its lower complexity and data rate requirements.

More whitepapers

Diploma in LTE & Advanced Communications
A particularly popular distance learning course on LTE and advanced communications.

More training courses

Communicating Pictures: A course in image and video coding
Communicating Pictures: A course in image and video coding

David R Bull
Written by the Head of Visual Information Laboratory at the University of...
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