5G Mobile / Cellular Technology

Preliminary details and information about the technology being developed for 5G mobile or cellular telecommunications systems.

Building more efficient RF power amplifiers by terminating harmonics in the package

Abdul R Qureshi, Mustafa Acar, Sergio Pires, and Leo C N de Vreede look at how terminating harmonics in the package can improve RF power amplifier efficiency.


Op Amp Input Impedance

Overview of op-amp input impedance including impedance of basic op-amp and what affects the input impedance in a circuit.


MOSFET Tutorial

An overview or tutorial about the basics and essential details of the MOSFET, its structure, MOSFET operation, MOSFET circuits and circuit design, and its applications.

Multipath Fading Signal Propagation Tutorial

Multipath fading, how fading occurs as a result of multipath propagation, and the way it affects radio signals including applications like wireless systems and cellular / mobile telecommunciations.

Facts of the day


LCR Meter Tutorial

Key points about the LCR meter: what one is, how it works & how it can be used to measure inductance, capacitance and resistance.

08 January 2018 | Rudy Ramos | Mouser Electronics

The future of the Internet of Things: a world of sensors and controllers

The Internet of Things, IoT is coming to fruition even now, but what will it look like when it fully appears and what components will be needed for all the different nodes, sensors and actuators being developed.

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