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What is MSK, Minimum Shift Keying Modulation

An overview, information and tutorial about the basics of what is minimum shift keying, MSK, a form of modulation used for radio communications applications, and in particular for digital forms of radio communications.


4G LTE D2D, Device to Device

All the essentials about 4G LTE Advanced device to device, D2D communications and how its features work within the overall LTE system.


RS-485 Transceivers Design Tutorial

Jeff Lies, Applications Engineer, Precision Products, Intersil Corporation looks how to design circuits for the RS485 & RS422 serial data communications standards.

Laser Diode Theory & Operation

A summary of laser diode theory and the operation of laser diodes detailing how the laser light is generated within the semiconductor.

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22 May 2015

Quote - The ability to speak several languages is an asset, but the ability to keep your mouth shut in any language is priceless. Anon

Fact - In 1958 when Jack Kilby invented the first IC it was a simple audio oscillator and only had one transistor. Bob Noyce is also credited with the invention of the IC as he set down many of the processes required.


Log Periodic Antenna Feed Arrangements

Notes and details on the feed or feeder arrangements and system used feeding a log periodic dipole array. news from

VoLTE Testing Explained
Download this free eBook to find out how testing addresses the challenges of bringing your VoLTE networks, VoLTE-enabled mobile devices and new services to market quickly and efficiently.

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Practical RF and High-Speed Digital PCB Design
Learn how to correctly design RF and digitial PCBs and reduce development costs and time to market

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The Art of Electronics 3rd Edition
The Art of Electronics 3rd Edition

Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill
The Art of Electronics was the best book for electronic circuit designers and...
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