Doherty Amplifiers for UHF

Walter Sneijers, RF Application Engineer, Ampleon looks Doherty amplifiers for use at UHF and how to obtain the highest efficiency levels.


IoT and MEMS in Connected Agriculture

Mark Patrick, Mouser Electronics looks at how the Internet of Things, IoT will bring benefits to areas like agriculture where automation is the key to financial success.

Tunnel Diode Tutorial

Essential details of the tunnel diode or Esaki diode used in microwave RF applications including: operation, theory, circuits, structure & all details required for its understanding use.


LTE Physical, Logical and Transport Channels

An overview, information, tutorial about the physical, logical, control and transport channels used within 3GPP, 3G LTE and the LTE channel mapping.

Facts of the day


Op Amp Output Impedance / Resistance

Op-amp output impedance and output resistance detailing its causes and the effects of feedback and the external circuitry.

11 June 2018 | Mark Patrick | mouser Electronics

Next Generation Freight Transport

As road freight transport levels continue to grow, concerns about the impact on the environment and human health come sharply into focus. Fossil fuel dependency makes it a leading source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but shifting freight to other transportation modes will prove challenging. Solutions that will improve the efficiency and performance of road freight transport are therefore essential to achieve defined environmental goals. In this blog, we will explore a potential solution that has been pioneered by Siemens - called eHighway. This combines the efficiency of electrified railways with the flexibility of trucks in order to form an innovative, next generation freight traffic system that is efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

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