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Laser Diode Specifications & Characteristics

A summary or overview of laser diode specifications, parameters and characteristics used in defining laser diode performance for datasheets.


Parabolic Antenna Gain

Overview or tutorial about parabolic reflector gain, the parabolic antenna gain equation or formula, and the practical factors affecting the gain of the parabolic dish gain antenna.

Facts of the day

Resistivity Table / Chart

Table or chart of the resistivity of a variety of materials many of which are used in electronics equipment.


Bluetooth Radio Interface, Modulation & Channels

An overview of the Bluetooth radio interface or air interface, the forms of modulation used, Bluetooth power levels and Bluetooth channels.

22 May 2017 | Mark Patrick | Mouser Electronics

Perpetual Motion Machines - Always Giving 110%

The perpetual motion machine is something that has been sought by inventors from the very earliest days of science . . . . but does the concept have links to the IIoT?

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