Rohde & Schwarz
Rohde & Schwarz

Parabolic Reflector or Dish Antenna

Overview or tutorial about the essentials of the parabolic reflector or dish antenna and its theory and design for high performance applications such as satellite transmission and reception as well as microwave links.


Captain H.J. Round

Captain H J Round, the forgotten engineer who made major improvements to the thermionic valve or tube, designed the autodyne radio receiver, and made major developments to ASDIC development.


What is VoLTE, Voice over LTE

Details of VoLTE Voice over LTE the IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem based technology supported by GSMA for providing a unified format for Voice traffic over LTE channels.


Comparison of 8-QAM, 16-QAM, 32-QAM, 64-QAM 128-QAM, 256-QAM, etc

Comparison between 8 QAM (8QAM), 16 QAM (16QAM), 32 QAM (32QAM), 64 QAM (64QAM), 128 QAM (128QAM), and 256 QAM (256QAM), - forms of Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

IMPATT Diode: Operation & Theory

Essential details about the operation and theory behind the IMPATT diode, explaining how it works and how this impacts on its operation.

Facts of the day

23 August 2014

History - It was on 23rd August 1617 that the world's first one way street was established in London England. Then on this day in 1889, the first wireless ship to shore message was received.

Quote - Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler. - Albert Einstein

Fact - The British Isles consists of 6289 separate isles or islands


Bluetooth Technology Tutorial

Information, overview or tutorial about the basics of the Bluetooth standard and the development of Bluetooth technology for wireless networking of small peripherals.

Capacitor Smoothing Circuits & Calculations

Notes, details & calculations for smoothing capacitor circuits used with rectifiers with details of ripple voltage and ripple current. news from

GPS GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou for Mobile Devices
GPS GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou for Mobile Devices

Ivan G Petrovski
Location services are an increasingly important element for mobile handsets....
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