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Design of 15 GHz GaN MMIC Power Amplifiers

Stuart Glynn, Tony Richards, Liam Devlin of Plextek RF Integration investigate the design of gallium arsenide MMICs at 15 GHz for line of sight link applications

Radiowave Propagation and the Atmosphere

An overview of radio signals and radiowave propagation and how different areas of the atmosphere affect radio communications.

Automatic Test Equipment ATE

Key essentials about automatic test equipment, and automated testing including: optical inspection; in-circuit test; boundary scan; functional test; etc.

Facts of the day

21 November 2014

History - It was on this day in 1969 that the first ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) link was established. It was developed by ARPA of the U.S. Department of Defense was the world's first operational packet switching network, and the progenitor of the global Internet. Also on the same day in 1969 the first flight between London and New York of Concorde the worlds first supersonic passenger plane took place.

Quote - I don't mind what language an opera is sung in so long as it is a language I don't understand. - Sir Edward Appleton

The way things are - Nature always sides with the hidden flaw in any equipment.

IEEE 802.22 WRAN Standard

An overview or tutorial about IEEE 802.22, the Wireless Regional Area Network, WRAN standard using Cognitive Radio. news from

R&S 4G LTE Whitepaper
Read this authoritative and comprehensive whitepaper on the 4G LTE-Advanced features and capabilities in this whitepaper from Rohde & Schwarz.

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Modern Digital Radio Techniques (RF6-1114)
Obtain a thorough grounding digital radio techniques that form the basis of much of today's wireless communications.

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The Art of Electronics
The Art of Electronics

Paul Horowitz & Winfield Hill
Now in Kindle, this is the classic electronics book. The Art of Electronics has...
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