Carbon Composition Resistor

All the relevant details about the carbon composition resistor that formed the mainstay for the electronics industry until the 1960s and is used for some specialist applications today.


IoT Device Management: Why You Need it and How it Works

Keith Shea, Vice President and General Manager – IoT Solutions, Wind River looks at the need for device management in the IoT & the ways this can be achieved.


Op Amp Output Impedance / Resistance

Op-amp output impedance and output resistance detailing its causes and the effects of feedback and the external circuitry.

3G UMTS Frequency Bands & Channels

Check out this page providing tables of the UMTS / WCDMA Frequency Band allocations as well as details of the UARFCN channel numbers and the signal bandwidth.

Facts of the day


FFT Spectrum Analyzer

Essential details about the Fast Fourier Transform, FFT Spectrum Analyzer - what one is, how one work and how to use one.


Waveguide Impedance & Impedance Matching

Details of waveguide impedance, how waveguide impedance is defined, waveguide impedance matching including the use of a waveguide iris or a waveguide post.

10 July 2017 | Clive Beech | Plessey

As Expectations for LED Lighting Grow, So Must Advances in Fabrication Technology

LED technology has advanced a long way in recent years - from he small LED indicators used years ago, LED lighting is now a major technology providing everything from television displays to domestic and commercial lighting as well as having many automotive applications.

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