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FET, Field Effect Transistor Essentials

Overview of the field effect transistor detailing the basic concepts behind the FET and the different types of FET available: theory, structures, operation, circuit details, specifications, etc..


QAM Modulators and Demodulators

Discover all about the modulators and demodulators used for quadrature amplitude modulation: circuit blocks, operation and how best to implement them.

Coax Feeder Velocity Factor

Coax cable velocity factor is the speed an electromagnetic wave travels along a coax cable relative to the speed in a vacuum. Find out all the essentials.

What is EMI - ElectroMagnetic Interference?

A summary about EMI - electromagnetic interference - the types of EMI and how they affect electronics equipment and how to reduce them.

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GPRS General Packet Radio System Tutorial

GPRS, General Packet Radio Service, provides the GSM upgrade technology used to carry packet data at speeds up to 172 kbps.

IEEE 802.11 Standards Summary

Standards and specifications for IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi and WLAN applications detailing the difference variants and the applicable standards.

17 October 2016 | Martin Hägerdal | Ericsson

Data Centre Power Supply Hardware & Software Trends

Data centres are becoming increasingly important as the amount of data being stored and accessed rises exponentially - but one forgotten element is the data centre power supplies.

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Advances in Multi-Band Microstrip Filters
Advances in Multi-Band Microstrip Filters

Vesna Crnojevic-Bengin (Editor)
This book entitled: Advances in Multi-Band Microstrip Filters combines the work...
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High Voltage DC Distribution
Vicor explains how high-voltage DC distribution is key to increased system efficiency and renewable-energy opportunities.

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