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RF Frequency Counter Tutorial

All the essential details about the RF frequency counter, how a frequency counter works, and how to use one.


Quality Factor Q Tutorial

Q Factor or Quality factor used with inductors and other items in resonant circuits to indicate resistive losses, resonant sharpness. It is a key parameter in any filter design.

LC Low Pass Filter Circuit

Design considerations, circuit and formulae (formulas) for a basic LC (inductor capacitor) low pass filter, typically used in radio frequency applications.

Zener Diode Circuits and Applications

A summary or tutorial covering the essentials of the Zener diode or voltage reference diode used in many power supply and other circuits.

Facts of the day

1 August 2014

History - It was this day in 1793 that the first definition for the metre was published.

Quote - The future ain't what it used to be. - Yogi Berra

Fact - The first American satellite to be launched into orbit around the Earth was named Explorer 1 and it carried a small scientific payload that eventually discovered the magnetic radiation belts (Van Allen Belts) around the Earth


Op Amp Gain Calculations & Tutorial

Essential circuit details, equations and calculations for operational amplifier gain for generic, open and closed loop circuit configurations. news from

Applied Optimization Methods for Wireless Networks
Applied Optimization Methods for Wireless Networks

Professor Y. Thomas Hou, Dr Yi Shi, Professor Hanif D. Sherali
The use of wireless networks has increased dramatically in recent years. In...
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