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HEMT, High Electron Mobility Transistor

A summary or tutorial of the basics of the High Electron Mobility Transistor, HEMT, used in many RF design applications and RF circuits.

Radio Receiver Dynamic Range

An easy to understand overview or tutorial of the basics of radio receiver dynamic range performance used for specifying the performance of radio receivers used in radio communications systems.

Electromagnetic Waves and Radio Propagation

A summary of electromagnetic waves, looking at their basic properties with respect to radio signal propagation.


How to use a Spectrum Analyzer

Key essentials, hints and tips about using a spectrum analyzer: how to use one to make radio frequency tests and measurements.

UMTS Physical Layer / Radio Interface

The physical layer of any radio based system defines much about its performance. Read all about the UMTS physical layer / radio interface: chief technologies, performance, specifications, operation . . .

Facts of the day

1 December 2015

History - It was on this day in 1913 that the Ford Motor Company introduced the first moving assembly line. By using this the chassis assembly time of their cars was reduced from just over 12 hours down to 2 hours, 40 minutes.

Quote - Those who do not mind asking silly questions become scientists." - Leon Lederman

Fact - Alexander Graham Bell, the person often thought of as having invented the telephone would never have one in his study because he felt it was too intrusive.

FET Circuit Design Tutorial

Essentials of designing field effect transistor or FET circuits: circuit types, design methodologies, equations and techniques.

LoRa Physical Layer

Read all about the physical layer or RF interface for the LoRa wireless system: modulation, frequency bands & channels; multiple access, RF protocols, etc . . . .

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Test Challenges of Modern Day Networks

Contemporary society so heavily fixated on the transfer, manipulation and sharing of large quantities of data. As a consequence of this, exacting pressures are starting to be placed upon existing communication infrastructure.

Network challenges news from

The Advanced Smart Grid
The Advanced Smart Grid

Andres Carvallo, John Cooper
There is a huge degree of talk about the Smart Grid - what it is, how it works...
Read more . .

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Online - Effective Spectrum Analyzer Measurements
Learn how to make spectrum analyzer measurements at RF and microwave frequencies

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LTE for Automotive Applications
Read the insight in this white paper from u-Blox about LTE for automotive applications. Discover all you need to know.

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