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Parabolic Reflector or Dish Antenna

Overview or tutorial about the essentials of the parabolic reflector or dish antenna and its theory and design for high performance applications such as satellite transmission and reception as well as microwave links.


What is VoLTE, Voice over LTE

Details of VoLTE Voice over LTE the IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem based technology supported by GSMA for providing a unified format for Voice traffic over LTE channels.

RF Mixer specification

An overview, tutorial and information about the basics of RF mixer specifications (mixer specs) and how to specify an RF mixer for an RF design.


Cat's Whisker or Crystal Radio Detector

Details of the cat's whisker radio detector or crystal detector - how this detector worked, the different types and the history of its development.


Capacitor Types - An Overview

Essentials about the different types of capacitor that are available: performance, construction, specifications, parameters, advantages, disadvantages of the differnet capacitor types and where they are best used.

Facts of the day

19 April 2014

History - It was on this day in 1975 that India announced it had launched its first satellite.

Even years ago, some people did not like the telephone. Mark Twain wrote: "It is my heart-warm and world embracing Christmas hope and aspiration for all of us, the high, the low, the poor, the rich, the admired, and the despised, may eventually be gathered in a heaven of everlasting bliss, except the inventor of the telephone!"

The way things are - To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.


Op Amp Gain Calculations & Tutorial

Essential circuit details, equations and calculations for operational amplifier gain for generic, open and closed loop circuit configurations.


RF Frequency Counter Tutorial

All the essential details about the RF frequency counter, how a frequency counter works, and how to use one. news from

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Sensors, Actuators, and Their Interfaces: A Multidisciplinary Introduction
Sensors, Actuators, and Their Interfaces: A Multidisciplinary Introduction

Nathan Ida
Sensors and actuators are becoming increasingly important. While they had...
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