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FET, Field Effect Transistor Essentials

Overview of the field effect transistor detailing the basic concepts behind the FET and the different types of FET available: theory, structures, operation, circuit details, specifications, etc..


LTE-M LTE Machine to Machine

Read all about this "variant" of LTE tailored to meet the needs of M2M and IoT applications.


Common Emitter Transistor Amplifier Circuit

Essential facts, characteristics and design details for the common emitter transistor amplifier circuit.

In-Circuit Test Tutorial

Notes and details about all the essentials of in-circuit testing, ICT and in-circuit test equipment for use for PCB, printed circuit board test.

Facts of the day

Satellite Design Features

Overview, summary, tutorial about the design and construction of satellites and what needs to be included in the design considerations.


WG and WR Waveguide Dimensions and Sizes

RF waveguide dimensions, waveguide sizes, cut off frequencies and other waveguide data for WR waveguide and WG waveguide systems.

29 August 2016 | Mychal McCabe | Wind River

Software-Defined Technology Wave

Software has enabled far higher levels of functionality to be achieved in many areas. One area that is becoming more common is software defined technology: software defined radios, software defined networks. Find out more about software defined technology.

Software defined technology news from

Advances in Multi-Band Microstrip Filters
Advances in Multi-Band Microstrip Filters

Vesna Crnojevic-Bengin (Editor)
This book entitled: Advances in Multi-Band Microstrip Filters combines the work...
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Online - RF and Wireless Propagation: Key Concepts
Know and understand the basics of RF and wireless propagation

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Low Loss Dynamic Compression of CPRI Baseband Data
Read this paper from Altera that describes a method of using Mu-Law compression for Gaussian-like waveforms providing an efficient methodology.

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