Assisted GPS, A-GPS

Overview, information or turorial about the basics of Assisted GPS (Global Positioning System) or A-GPS used to provide location based services used for cellualr technology and cellualr networks.

Frequency Synthesizer Types & Technologies

Introduction detailing what frequency synthesizers are, and the different types or technologies available: indirect / direct, analogue / digital.


Diode Specifications and Parameters

A summary of the diode specifications and diode parameters and ratings seen in datasheets with explanations of what they mean.


Op Amp Bandwidth & Frequency Response

Overview of op-amp bandwidth, what it is, how it affects operational amplifier circuits and open loop and closed loop frequency response.


Function Generator Types

The different types of function generator, their differences and their various applications, including analogue, digital, sweep function generators.

Facts of the day



Definitions and details of the MIMO formats or configurations: SISO, SIMO, MISO and MIMO for receiver diversity and transmitter diversity, etc.

IMS, IP Multimedia Subsystem Tutorial

A summary or tutorial of IMS - IP Multimedia Subsystem being used for fixed and mobile telecommunications systems.

14 August 2017 | Jeff Hastings | BrightSign LLC

Is Your Digital Signage Network At Risk? Time to Check Your OS

Security on many issues is of paramount importance - poor security can lead to embarrassing outcomes as discovered on some digital signage in Washington DC, but it emphasises the issue that security on any item connected to the Internet including signage is very important.

Is Your Digital Signage Network At Risk? Time to Check Your OS news from

High Voltage DC Distribution
Vicor explains how high-voltage DC distribution is key to increased system efficiency and renewable-energy opportunities.

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