Smart data – giving operators the edge

John English, Senior Product Manager, Service Providers, NETSCOUT looks at the role of edge computing and smart data in mobile network architecture as 5G and IoT come to the fore


Folded Dipole Antenna

Notes and summary about the folded dipole antenna, folded dipole impedance, unequal conductor folded dipoles, and multi-wire folded dipoles


Gunn Diode Operation

An explanation of how a Gunn diode or transferred electron device works, its operation as a microwave device.

Facts of the day


Test Faster with Simpler Software Interoperability

Michael Keane, Product Manager at National Instruments, looks at the advantages of the new LabVIEW NXG in providing more effective workflows.

25 February 2018 | Bernd Hantsche | Rutronik

Securing wireless data transport

Wireless communication is part of the critical infrastructure of our lives, enabling services as diverse as TV and radio, smartphones, remote monitoring, garage-door openers and a rapidly expanding family of Internet of Things devices.

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