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DIAC - Diode Alternating Current, Tutorial

DIAC - DIode Alternating Current summary and tutorial giving explanations of technology, structure, operation, and use in various switching circuits.


Antenna feed impedance

Overview, summary, tutorial about RF antenna or aerial feed impedance and the importance of matching RF andtennas to feeders. Radiation resistance, loss resistance, and efficiency are also detailed.


FFT Spectrum Analyzer

Essential details about the Fast Fourier Transform, FFT Spectrum Analyzer - what one is, how one work and how to use one.

UMTS Physical Layer / Radio Interface

The physical layer of any radio based system defines much about its performance. Read all about the UMTS physical layer / radio interface: chief technologies, performance, specifications, operation . . .

Facts of the day

27 November 2015

History - It was on the night of 27th November 1923 that the first transatlantic short wave radio contact was made. It took place between radio hams: Leon Deloy (8AB) in France and Fred Schnell (U1MO) in the USA.

Quote - Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you'll be a mile from them, and you'll have their shoes. - Jack Handey, Deep Thoughts

Fact - Jack Kilby's first integrated circuit contained just one transistor. Today the Intel Itanium 2 contains 410 million.


Op Amp Slew Rate Details & Calculator

Op-amp slew rate, what it is, how it affects operational amplifier circuits and how circuits can be designed to ensure it is not a limiting factor. Complete with calculator and accompanying video.

Capacitor Equations inc Capacitor Reactance

Key equations and calculations for capacitors and capacitance in electronics circuits including reactance, charge, value, etc.

| George Acris | Microlease

Test Challenges of Modern Day Networks

Contemporary society so heavily fixated on the transfer, manipulation and sharing of large quantities of data. As a consequence of this, exacting pressures are starting to be placed upon existing communication infrastructure.

Network challenges news from

The Advanced Smart Grid
The Advanced Smart Grid

Andres Carvallo, John Cooper
There is a huge degree of talk about the Smart Grid - what it is, how it works...
Read more . .

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R&S Higher Order MIMO Testing
Rohde & Schwarz presents this authoritative whitepaper on higher order MIMO testing.

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