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Superheterodyne receiver radio block diagram

Radio block diagram for a complete superheterodyne receiver showing the functions of the individual blocks and the complete radio receiver


Polypropylene Capacitor: Essential Details

Read about all the key details, properties, applications and limitations of the polypropylene capacitor used for many electronic and electrical applications.


5G Mobile / Cellular Technology

Preliminary details and information about the technology being developed for 5G mobile or cellular telecommunications systems.


Transistor Configurations

Basic transistor circuit configurations including common emitter, common base and common collector including properties summary table.

Automatic Test Equipment ATE

Key essentials about automatic test equipment, and automated testing including: optical inspection; in-circuit test; boundary scan; functional test; etc.

Facts of the day


Waveguide theory

The basics of RF waveguide theory including TE waves, TM waves and TEM waves, etc. including waveguide propagation constant.

SI Units & Symbols

Chart or table of the SI or System International units with the SI symbols used along with the quantities they measure or define.

16 January 2017 | Mauro Boldi | Environmental Engineering Technical Committee, ETSI

Energy Efficiency of Paramount Importance to 5G Rollout

Whilst many will focus on the RF and data capabilities of the new 5G mobile communications system, energy efficiency is one of the primary design aims. Not only will operators be able to save on OPEX, but with cellular telecommunications continuing to grow, energy efficient 5G systems will enable green operation.

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