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- points to note for submission of articles to Radio-Electronics.Com.

Article submission welcomes the submission of pre-agreed technical articles for publication on the website. We aim to maintain a policy that ensures we have a high standard of articles. We believe this benefits both the reader and it also ensures the maximum publicity for the company that writes the article. For example, obviously advertorial articles do little to enhance the standing of the company that has written the article.

To ensure we maintain these standards there are some guidelines we ask those submitting articles to read and follow:

  • The article should be written in an easy to read fashion.
  • We aim to provide articles on aspects including: 'how to ...' guidelines, and practical assistance, technology trends, and general (non-product) applications, new insights. They should not be tutorials as these are covered elsewhere.
  • The article should provide information of value to the reader. He/she should be able to come away having felt they have learned something new and of value.
  • The article should not be a reference or tutorial item dealing with the facts as these are already covered on the site. Instead we are interested in industry issues, comment, technology trends, the "how to" and other similar approaches.
  • The article should be a minimum of 1500 words long - top limit around 2500 words, or possibly a little more - we like to be able to split articles across two pages, and ensure they have sufficient depth.
  • The article should be technical in nature appealing to an engineering audience.
  • The article should not be advertorial - i.e. not focus on your company products. It should have a general appeal - the credibility comes from readers seeing the expertise of the author and not a showcase of the company products. Any advertorial material will be stripped from the text.
  • The article should be illustrated with some images.
  • Images for the article should be in a form that can be compressed for a web page - around a maximum 320 pixels wide and no greater than 10k file size. This is to accommodate viewing on mobile devices that are now forming a greater part of our readership. Many Powerpoint style images have too much information on them to enable them to be useful for web pages
  • A short author and company biog should be provided.
  • A photo of the author should be provided - this helps sustain reader interest and helps the front page appear more accessible
  • The article must not have appeared in any other publication. Google is now very aware of duplicate content - even parts of articles - and will not only mark the page but the whole site down for this.
  • We are not able to provide links to external sites.

Blog submission runs its Industry Currents blog that gives key insights into the thinking and trends that are being seen within the electronics and radio / wireless industries.

For the blog we require non advertorial content around 600 - 800 words long - or longer if necessary that gives readers insight into the industry.

The basic requirements for submission are:

  • Content shall be non-advertorial (i.e. no product mentions) and give insight into the industry trends and thinking - of interest to engineers.
  • Content shall be a minimum of 600 words long. Maximum of around 800 words is normal, but we can extend beyond this if warranted.
  • No embedded links are allowed within the text.
  • Content MUST be unique content, i/e. not published elsewhere on the Internet
  • Sub-heading of up to 150 characters is needed. (Best length is 130 - 150 characters including spaces).
  • Author name required.
  • Author position - i.e. title or position within the company
  • Company name required.
  • Company link.
  • Illustrating image needed - something to accompany the blog post and help it come alive. One image for inclusion at the top of the blog post.

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