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- a summary of Radio-Electronics.Com, who we are, what we do, and the aims of the Radio-Electronics.Com website.

What we do

Radio-Electronics.Com is aimed at providing useful information and overviews for the radio and electronics engineering industries. The site provides a variety of information for the electronics industry including tutorials covering the basic aspects of technology with a number of deeper studies on various topics. We also provide our new magazine section giving insight into various industry sectors with case studies, articles about industry trends and topics, as well as exhibition reports. We also provide up to the minute electronics industry news, pages for job information, and pages covering the forthcoming exhibitions. In addition to this we have a bookshop providing many of the more popular electronics and radio books.

These sections provide a useful, informative and interesting resource for all in the electronics industry.

Short history of Radio-Electronics.com

The first versions of what is now Radio Electronics.Com started when some free web space was available with an early dial up email account. Wanting to use the web space to promote some books the idea soon developed as it was necessary to have some real content to attract visitors. The website continue in this manner for a couple of years until the Radio-Electronics.Com domain name was taken out. Originally this was just used as a forwarding account, but in 2001 the site was hosted in its own right and Radio-Electronics.Com was fully born.

With traffic rising and a focus on the professional electronics industry, the possibility of advertising was investigated around April 2004 and as a result even more material was added to further increase the traffic. It was also decided to update the template for the pages to give the whole site a far more professional look. This was launched in September 2004, and with it a sharp increase in the traffic was noticed.

Traffic continued to rise and in 2009 the site was given a complete overhaul with a new look, better functionality and a real push to provide resources and analysis for the electronics industry.

Again the popularity of the site increased and pushed through the 1 million page views a month (Google Analytics data) in March 2015.

Who we are

Radio-Electronics.Com is owned and run by Adrio Communications, an electronics engineering consultancy company. With Adrio Communications having first hand experience of participating in design projects within the radio and electronics industry, combined with a proven track record within the publishing sector, Radio-Electronics.Com is able to provide a service that few other industry magazines are able to provide. This has been proved by the traffic statistics that show is approaching that of some of the large electronics industry magazines.

People behind Radio-Electronics.com

the contacts within the company are:

  • Ian Poole - Managing Editor:   Ian Poole has spent many years in the electronics industry as an engineer, managing projects as well as departments. He has also spent time in marketing as well as spending some years as a consultant. Holding a Bachelor's degree from University College London, he is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and has more than 20 books published. He provides writes and manages the information pages on the site as well as writing and editing articles submitted externally for the site and some news.
  • Laura Gimson - News and Features Editor: Laura has an arts degree and an excellent way with words that makes her ideal for being able to ensure that all the news is easy to read. She has had experience as a production manager within a BAFTA award winning animation house and she has also had experience in marketing.
  • Pam Poole - Finance & Office Management: After spending many years in the health industry as a physiotherapist, Pam now provides the office management and financial control for the company.
  • James Johnson - Web development: James runs the agency, Publitek New Media, though which the work for Radio-Electronics.com is provided. He studied Biology and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, UK and has a very wide range of web development experience. Prior to setting up Publitek New Media, he was head of multimedia at the Natural History Museum in London. He speaks English and Spanish and is based in Barcelona.
  • Nick Walker - Advertising Sales: Nick works through his company NJW Media and provides the media sales for Radio-Electronics.com.

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