16 Jan 2018

Rohde & Schwarz launches new oscilloscopes & probes

Rohde & Schwarz is a relative newcomer to the oscilloscope market, but they have range which is now an equal to the other ,market leaders with the introduction of a number of new scopes.

Only last year they lanched their RTB2000 entry level scope. Now they have beaten this with their RTC1000 scope costing well under $1000. The compact oscilloscope can double as an eight-channel logic analyzer, a four-channel pattern generator and a protocol analyzer for I2C, SPI, UART/RS-232, CAN and LIN; and as a digital voltmeter, component tester, spectrum analyzer and counter. With this eight-in-one instrument integration, users get more value with a minimal footprint on bench space.

R&S RTC1000 oscilloscopes are available in models from 50 MHz to 300 MHz. They are the first in the 1000 class to offer bandwidth upgrades via software license all the way to 300 MHz bandwidth; these upgrades can be purchased as test needs increase over time. The two-channel oscilloscopes have maximum sample rates of 2 Gsample/s and a memory depth of 2 Msample. All R&S RTC1000 models come as standard with LAN and USB interfaces.

If this was not enough R&S have addressed their mid range scopes as well with the RTM3000 and RTA4000 series. The R&S RTM3000 oscilloscope offers bandwidths of 100 MHz, 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz and 1 GHz. The products incorporate a proprietary 5 Gsample/s 10-bit ADC, which makes the scope ideal for making power line measurements like ripple and noise. These measurements demand an oscilloscope with high vertical resolution, low noise and excellent DC gain linearity.

The memory has also been significantly increased as each model includes 40 Msample (80 Msample interleaved) per channel acquisition memory with an optional 400 Msample segmented acquisition memory. The new R&S RTA4000 oscilloscope offers bandwidths of 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz and 1 GHz. These models include the same 10-bit ADC, but have even more memory, with an astonishing 100 Msample (200 Msample interleaved) per channel acquisition memory and standard 1 Gsample (1,000 Msample) segmented acquisition memory. Both instrument series feature a brilliant 10.1" capacitive touchscreen display to operate quickly and efficiently.

The R&S RTM3000 series comes in two- and four-channel models, and the R&S RTA4000 series oscilloscopes are exclusively four-channel models.

In addition to the new oscilloscopes,, new high performance probes have also been launched. The R&S RT-ZHD is a high voltage differential probes designed for complex measurements on state-of-the-art power electronics with voltages up to 6000 V. The probe offers a measurement bandwidth of up to 200 MHz, a particularly high common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and at 0.5 percent, the best DC measurement accuracy available. Rohde & Schwarz also presents cost-efficient, high voltage differential probes with a 25 MHz bandwidth and very low inherent noise – ideal for general applications. To complement the power rail probaing capability oft he RTM3000 and RTA4000, R&S have introduced their R&S RT-ZPR40 power rail probe with 4 GHz bandwidth. Targeting embedded mobile and IoT devices, it can uncover coupled signals in 2.4 GHz ISM, 3 GHz LTE and higher RF bands.

These new oscilloscope products place R&S at the forefront of oscilloscope technology, enabling users to have a good range of scopes, so users can choose what they want for a very competitive price.

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