15 Dec 2017

New light shone on interior lighting and testing

Molex announces it has dramatically improved its design and testing of illuminated USB connectivity modules used in automotive dashboards through a collaboration with Radiant Vision Systems. By utilizing Radiant’s ProMetric Imaging Colorimeter, Molex design engineers have enhanced their design, measurement, and production capabilities for illuminated components, such as halo lighting on USB ports and auxiliary jacks.

“Utilising the ProMetric colorimeter allows Molex designers and engineers to deliver a consistent product,” said Alfonse Drechsler, mechanical projects engineer, Molex. “We can find and eliminate hot spots that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This saves not only time, but reduces costs to our customers. The collaboration with Radiant has made these improvements possible.”

The use of LED lighting for connectivity modules has become common for automotive design teams. Part of that design includes maintaining uniform colour and brightness as well as ensuring the harmonisation of all in-vehicle lighting. Molex offers in-house expertise to its automotive customers to advise on the use of lighting and light measurement. Molex develops its own lighting systems, combining LEDs with custom diffuse polycarbonate material to create lighting solutions that meets their customers’ needs. The lighting improves the appearance of the car while providing wayfinding for connecting personal devices.

To improve the design integrity for its illuminated modules, Molex chose the Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric Imaging Colorimeter as part of its modular design process. The ProMetric imager uses CCD-based imaging to perform light measurements at all points at once. This allows Molex engineers to verify their design and ensure uniform lighting distribution across all aspects of the customer’s design applications.

In addition to applying ProMetric Imaging Colorimeters in their design process, Molex has also integrated a ProMetric system into their automated quality control station at their production facility in China. Using the imaging colorimeter allows Molex to measure and control production parts in real time, ensuring consistent and high-quality lighting for their products.

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