04 Jul 2018

First test eUICC for consumer device and RSP testing

The new Comprion Consumer Device Test eUICC enables mobile phone manufacturers, network operators, and infrastructure suppliers to examine the interaction between the involved components during product development and integration. It can also be used for validating consumer devices according to the respective standards.

Why Using a Test eSIM?

Embedded UICCs (eUICCs, also known as eSIMs) will more and more replace regular SIM cards. eUICCs are personalized with certificates and keys that protect the ecosystem against the usage of uncertified components and secure the Remote SIM Provisioning procedures. “But these certificates and keys of real eUICCs hinder required testing activities for ensuring compliance and interoperability. Therefore, a test eSIM with standardized and known test certificates and test keys shall be used,” states Daniela Wittkamp, Comprion Product Manager for test (e)SIMs.

The Comprion Consumer Device Test eUICC

The Consumer Device Test eUICC is personalized with these required test certificates and test keys. It does not contain a profile but provides a default file system for allowing the device to boot correctly. The Consumer Device Test **eUICC is removable and comes in the triple format 2FF/3FF/4FF.

Testing of Consumer Devices**

In order to ensure that handsets, tablets, and wearables with an eUICC correctly switch from one operator to another, the GSMA has defined consumer device tests in the GSMA SGP.23 Remote SIM Provisioning Test Specification. This specification requests that the consumer device shall contain an SGP.23-compliant test eUICC during test case execution.

How to Use the Test eUICC for Profile Verification

If customers need to test eSIM profiles, they can use the test eUICC in combination with Comprion’s eUICC Profile Manager. This software tool enables the user to load, enable, disable, and delete profiles on the test eUICC. After a profile has been installed on the test eSIM, the file structure can be scanned, analyzed, and updated for testing purposes.

Completing Comprion’s Test SIM Portfolio

The new test eUICC extends the Comprion portfolio of test cards (UICCs and eUICCs) covering different applications (SIM, USIM, ISIM, CSIM), voltage classes (1.8V/3V/5V), form factors (2FF, 3FF, 4FF, MFF2), and algorithms (GSM XOR/3G test algorithm, Cave and MILENAGE). All test (e)UICCs are intended for improving product quality, increasing security, and contributing to compliance.

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First test eUICC for consumer device and RSP testing

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