13 Nov 2018

All-in-one electrical troubleshooting test tool features accurate fault-localization

Nicomatic, a manufacturer of high-performance interconnect solutions, has introduced a new multi-function tool that comes in a compact, portable case designed to simplify electrical troubleshooting.

The company’s Electrical Ground Support Equipment (E-GSE) TC50-eTool, developed in partnership with the ECA Group - which has expertise in developing innovative technical solutions for use in hostile or harsh environments - enables: voltage/current/resistance measurement; phase order checking; diode testing; insulation testing; and thermal imaging. Additionally, the tool uses Nicomatic’s SmartCo solution based on reflectometry technology to provide precise wire-fault localization, enabling quick diagnosis and thereby minimizing aircraft ground time.

The tool features a simple web user interface that is accessible through any mobile device, or the included rugged smartphone. Measurement parameters include:

  • Voltage: 0 to 260VAC / 400VDC, 50Hz to 3kHz - 5% precision

  • Current: 0 to 30A (AC/DC) - 5% precision

  • Resistance - Low Current: 10Ω to 200kΩ - 1% precision; 200kΩ to 2MΩ - 5% precision

  • Resistance - High current 1A load, 20mΩ to 10Ω - 1% precision

  • Phase order: 115VAC/230VAC, 50Hz to 3kHz Insulation test, 0.5MΩ to 200MΩ, <250VDC to 500VDC - 5% precision

  • Diode testing

  • Thermal imaging: -20 to 120°C, FLIR technology with MSX function (real and thermal picture superposition)

The Wire Fault Localization feature using Nicomatic’s SmartCo enables the detection and localization of faults such as open- and short-circuits and the measurement of impedance variations with an accuracy of 0.1% across a cable length of 1m to 100m.

Commented Armando Zanchetta, R&D director, Nicomatic: “With the TC50-eTool, Nicomatic and ECA are delivering a unique off-the-shelf tool for all generic electrical tasks for maintenance, repair, overhaul, diagnosis and troubleshooting of electrical systems and equipment in markets such as civil aeronautics, MRO centers, defense, security, energy, and many other applications, respecting our company’s core values which are based on service, quality and a close relationship with our customers.”

The TC50-eTool comes in an IP65 waterproof case that measures just 305mm x 270mm x 194mm and weighs only 5kg. Battery life is five hours and operating temperature is -20°C to +40°C. Accessories supplied include: current clamp; wire adapter kit; rugged smartphone; and a worldwide charger.

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