05 Sep 2018

NAGRA’s cloud security streamlines content value protection for Vodafone TV

NAGRA, an independent provider of content protection and multiscreen television solutions, has announced that Vodafone has selected and deployed the NAGRA Security Services Platform (SSP). The company is using the platform to secure its multi-network TV service, Vodafone TV (VTV), across several countries including Italy, Greece, Spain and New Zealand, with more European and East European countries deployments to follow.

Deployed as a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, the NAGRA Security Services Platform enables Vodafone to secure multiple network types – including IPTV, hybrid broadcast and OTT – using a single content protection platform. The NAGRA SSP provides Vodafone with the NAGRA Connect client for converged CAS/DRM content protection, as well as the OpenTV Player to extend the viewing experience securely to portable devices.

“As one of the world’s fastest growing broadband providers, it was critical for us to work with a partner who could deliver a solution specifically designed for converged networks, but one that is also easy to deploy and addresses our need for scale and international reach,” said Nuno Sanches, Head of Product Development, Vodafone. “The NAGRA Security Services Platform and its cloud-based model have helped us achieve that, enabling fast-time-to-market of the VTV service.”

“Advanced multi-network service providers like Vodafone are increasingly looking to rationalize their first-generation architectures by selecting a scalable, modular, cloud-based solution to unify all aspects of their content protection needs, said Thierry Legrand, SVP Sales EMEA, NAGRA. “The NAGRA Security Services Platform allows them to do just that, regardless of which network or device they’re delivering their content to. That simplifies their operations and reduces overheads while still allowing them to meet all relevant Hollywood and sports rights holder requirements for Enhanced Content Protection.”

The NAGRA SSP is a single suite of solutions to address every content protection need. It is also fully modular, providing a seamless and unique environment for managing live/on demand on IPTV, hybrid broadcast, and multi-DRM OTT environments, allowing operators such as Vodafone to manage devices, subscribers, linear TV and on demand products from a single system. It can be delivered to operators as a SaaS model – as is the case with Vodafone – allowing an operator to run as a tenant on a single system, or deployed in a private cloud infrastructure. Above and beyond pure content protection the NAGRA SSP is also offering a broad range of additional security extensions, such as device authentication for open devices and secure session management.

NAGRA Connect is a single, converged CAS/DRM client (supporting NAGRA PRM, the operator-controlled DRM) that enables the multi-network, multi-device, multi-use case reality, helping operators reduce complexity and cost. NAGRA Connect features a unique Adaptive Security concept that pragmatically leverages a wide range of device security infrastructures, making it the perfect tool to progressively innovate an existing service. NAGRA Connect can be implemented on set-top boxes, open devices or connected TVs, and also includes the ability to natively secure Netflix streaming to set-top boxes.

The OpenTV Player provides a consistent and secure service across all major open device platforms (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android). Integrated with NAGRA PRM as well as all the relevant open device platform DRMs (PlayReady, FairPlay, Widevine) and supported by the NAGRA SSP’s multi-DRM module, OpenTV Player achieves the highest security level across a wide range of operator-controlled and consumers devices.

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