17 Nov 2017

Gigaset pro adds Maxwell 2 to the Maxwell family

Gigaset pro, provider of professional communications solutions for small and medium sized organisations, introduces its Maxwell 2.

The new desktop telephone for professional business communication completes the Gigaset pro product range for 2017, and perfectly fits between the Maxwell Basic and Maxwell 3 devices within the Maxwell family. Together with the recently introduced Maxwell Expansion Module, Gigaset pro now offers a solid portfolio of IP desktop solutions.

Programmable and expandable keys

The new Gigaset Maxwell 2 is designed to support frequent callers and their businesses in a comfortable way. The large monochrome TFT screen offers intuitive operation and a clear overview – even at wide angles or long distances. In addition, the LED indication on top of the device shows activity, which is visible from the front and the back. With eight programmable keys for Busy Lamp Fields (BLF) and speed-dial, users can easily accept and forward incoming calls. And even if users are in need of more keys, the Maxwell 2 is a great choice. It can be expanded with the Maxwell Expansion Module, which adds 58 programmable keys. The Maxwell 2 can be expanded with up to three Maxwell Expansion Modules on the left and/or right side.


Just like the Maxwell Basic and Maxwell 3, the new Maxwell 2 is based on the advanced Gigaset pro Software Platform. Therefore, interoperability is guaranteed. Julien Marguerite, Director Business Customers International Sales at Gigaset Group: “This results in an improved time to market and a professionalised service. We see an enormous shift to IP services within the B2B telecom branch – both on premise and in the cloud, combined with a larger service opportunity and the rise of the Internet of Things in the IT branch. The Maxwell 2 is certified for leading on premise PBX and cloud based VoIP telephony providers, including the networks of Broadsoft, Kwebbl, Centile and Asterisk based platforms. Our Gigaset pro Software Platform guarantees compatibility, quality and interoperability for certified networks. Moreover, the Maxwell Basic, 2 and 3 and future products will be based on the same platform. This means easy selling for the reseller as the technology is proven and certified.”

Complete communications solution

The Maxwell 2 is positioned between the Maxwell Basic and Maxwell 3. It offers end users extra comfort in comparison with the ‘standard’ Maxwell Basic telephone, and is a more functional based device than the Maxwell 3 connectivity telephone. Ron Cottaar, Marketing Director EMEA at Gigaset pro: “At Gigaset, we have the premium brand and best in class products to support complete communications solutions. We aim to offer all kind of end point devices to function as the access point to Unified Communications (UC). That’s why we offer a unique portfolio, covering all possible personal end devices. From Gigaset smartphones and Gigaset DECT phones to a range of desktop telephones in the Maxwell range. With the Maxwell line, and the new Maxwell 2 in particular, we focused on usability and customer demand. With this new family member, combined with the Maxwell Expansion Module and earlier Maxwell models, we are able to offer a full IP desktop portfolio. This improves our cooperation with Internet Service Providers, since they prefer a complete portfolio instead of separate products. ‘Solution wise selling’ will thus be an important focus point the coming years, in addition to DECT and smartphone sales via the same reseller and distribution with ISP certifications.”

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