25 May 2018

GPS tracker for pets with 6 month battery life

Invoxia, a telecoms specialist, has partnered with Wamiz, a major community website dedicated to animals, to unveil its new tracker for pets. A simple, autonomous and powerful geolocating device that uses low power networks to locate their movements and watch over pets, wherever they may be.

Trips, trains, planes, hotels, luggage and family – during summer, owners are relaxed, animals are on unknown grounds, ultimately the chances of losing them escalate. To put our minds at ease, invoxia partners with Wamiz to unveil Pet Tracker: a new kind of GPS tracker. On the dedicated app, the owner can locate Bella during her park expeditions; he can discover the secret places where Garfield hides each afternoon; and make sure that Oscar has arrived home safely. It keeps an eye on pets and alerts their owners if they might get lost. It finds them anywhere.

Conceived specifically for pets, the tracker is light, waterproof (IP67) and it attaches to any type of collar without having to take it off, thanks to an elastic band. It follows pets on their adventures, to ensure their security and provide owners with peace of mind, remotely. The owner can see the animal’s position in real time on the mobile app GPS Pet Tracker.

Wamiz brings its knowledge and expertise in domestic animals where invoxia brings its know-how in IoT and telecom. Unlike other similar devices, invoxia’s GPS tracker does not use a SIM card, but works with low-power networks Sigfox and LoRa, which allow it to be more autonomous (with a battery life of up to 8 months) and more efficient. It also combines GPS and nearby Wi-Fi network locating technologies to offer the highest precision in every environment: city and countryside, inside and outside, with a precision of 0 to 20 meters (0 to 66 feet).

According to Serge Renourd, cofounder of invoxia: “The invoxia tracker is a true digital leash that offers animals complete freedom while ensuring that they can be found, wherever they may be. This new generation device anticipates a new kind of remote relationship between men and pets, where the GPS tracker gets enriched with functionalities that are specific to smartphones”.

Adrien Ducousset, cofounder of Wamiz, adds: “We are incredibly pleased to partner with invoxia for this GPS tracker that disrupts our relation to our pets. Thanks to this innovation, we can of course keep an eye on them, but we also invent a new dialogue and a new intimacy between owners and their pets”.

Advanced Features

To personalize the tracker according to his needs, the user can define “security zones” and receive notifications whenever the tracker enters or exits these areas (for instance, whenever he comes out or goes inside the house). He can also access the tracker’s exact location on the map via the GPS Pet Tracker app and trace its routes in a selected time slot.

The user can also customize the tracking intensity while the pet is in movement. Users can activate several modes according to their needs:

  • Everyday Mode: In this mode, the user is notified every 10 minutes if the tracker is in movement

  • Intense Mode: In this mode, the user is notified every 3 minutes if the tracker makes a movement outside a specific geographic area.

Technical Features

  • 42×24×17 mm / 1,65x0,94x0,66 in

  • 15g / 0,5oz

  • Cap and USB protection in elastomer

  • Notification LED

  • Waterproof IP67

  • Battery life of up to 6 months, rechargeable battery 250mAh

  • Compatible with Lora and Sigfox networks, European and American frequencies

  • High precision tracking, inside and outside, thanks to GPS and nearby Wi-Fi network locating technologies

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