17 Aug 2018

High-speed data cable solution supports Open19 initiative

Molex supports the Open19 Foundation initiative, which aims to establish a new open standard for data center servers. Open19 defines a common form factor for servers, top-of-rack switches, and power shelves with a base internal cage that can be implemented into a standard 19” rack. Molex’s Impel Customized Data Cable solution is the backbone of the Open19 initiative standard rack solution, delivering lower costs and reliable signal integrity with a robust interface.

“As an Open19 Foundation member, Molex has helped support development of the open standard cable solution, which will meet the industry’s need for connectivity, scalability and quick deployment,” says Liz Hardin, global product manager, Molex.

Through partner participation and contributions, the Open19 Foundation is working to achieve a lower cost per rack, lower cost per server, and optimized power utilization in an adoptable, economical and customizable open standard to fit any 19” rack environment for server, storage and networking.

The Open19 initiative includes a Molex Impel Customized Data Cable solution to drive traffic within the rack between switch and server delivering superior signal integrity and density. Impel and Impel Plus Backplane Connectors and Customized Cables provide a scalable price and performance path to meet today’s data rates and future data-rate enhancements. The Molex Impel footprint and interface can drive speeds that achieve 40 Gbps NRZ with the ability to reach 50 Gbps NRZ and 50 Gbps PAM-4 while maintaining the same footprint—allowing for drop-in replacement with existing architecture.

Impel solutions deliver higher data rates in a complete backplane solution. Molex Impel and Impel Plus Custom Cable assemblies optimize signal integrity performance with broad-edge coupled signal pairs in lead frames and cable assemblies with Temp-Flex Twinax Cables (28 or 30 AWG). The staggered mating interfaces lower mating force and reduce operator assembly fatigue. Data integrity is enhanced because the cables are fully shielded through the mating surface, minimizing crosstalk. With 2 through 6 pair backplane connectors, designers of server rooms, data centers and storage systems have greater flexibility and a quicker time to market. Driving the density and speeds required to support next-generation 100 Gbps data center deployment, the customized Impel-based Open19 cable allows 100 Gbps connection of up to 48 servers to one Open19 switch. The plug-and-play solution aligns with standard 19” rack deployment and allows quick upgrade of legacy hardware.

“The combination of Impel technology by Molex and the Open19 Foundation delivers a flexible, scalable and secure platform that will meet the needs of data centers today while anticipating the growing needs of data centers in the future,” adds Hardin.

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