03 Dec 2018

USB Hubs can charge and sync up to 20 USB devices simultaneously

Powersolve has announced two USB charging hubs designed to charge and sync up to 20 USB devices simultaneously. This includes iPads, iPhones, tablet PCs, smartphones or any USB compliant device. Both iOS and Android devices are supported.

The PSUSB-1024 will charge and sync up to 10 USB devices simultaneously while the PSUSB-2024 can handle up to 20. According to Powersolve, these are ideal tools to effectively perform CDP/DCP mode switching and are ideal as medium capacity in-house stations for charging and syncing multiple USB devices. Both hubs can be cascaded with another unit of the same type double the number of ports.

The hubs are compliant with USB battery charging specification 1.2 and provide up to 1.5A (CDP mode) or 2.4A (DCP mode) output current on each port. They support high speed 480 Mbps, full speed 12 Mbps and low speed 1.5 Mbps operation.

Once all the devices are fully charged in DCP mode the unit automatically cuts off all the LEDs and power. The hubs Intelligently detect the power current of each port and illuminate the LED to its corresponding colour: Charging: red; Disconnected or fully charged: green; and Sync Mode: orange

Key features include over-voltage and over-current protection and ±15kV (air), ±8kV (contact) ESD protection on each port. High temperature protection is standard. If the unit’s temperature is higher than a set limit it will cut off all output current immediately and all the LEDs of all ports will flash.

The hubs come in a compact aluminium housing measuring just 268 x 102 x 40mm and powered by an external universal AC input power supply with full safety approvals which is supplied with the hub unit.

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