05 Jun 2018

PBF introducesn ew standard in high performance industrial power supplies

PBF Group B.V., Dutch subsidiary of SFC Energy AG, a provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, has introduced the successful PBF High Power Standard Platform for the commercialization of ultra-precise industrial power supplies for laser applications. The compact, scalable and cost-efficient platform sets a new standard in industrial power supplies and enables maximum flexibility for meeting customer requirements.

PBF uses the unique, successful standard and semi-standardized platform for the development and production of high performance power supply systems to exactly meet safety and reliability requirements in demanding high tech applications. PBF designed the High Power Standard Platform based on its proven technology of the customized power supply business and also markets now a series of commercial off-the-shelf High Power Platform products.

The latest of these, LAPS3800, is a base plate water cooled 3.8 kW power supply designed and optimized for a highly dynamic response in laser and semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, analytical systems and other high-tech industrial systems. For higher output power requirements, the LAPS3800 can be used with active current sharing in parallel operation of up to 16 units with a combined output power of 60 kW. LAPS3800 is designed for DC and pulsed applications and UL/CSA certified.

The PBF High Power Standard Platform features a power range from 2 kW to 21 kW per single unit and a system power level up to 168 kW. LAPS products can be used off-the-shelf or easily adapted to customer requirements.

“Over the last three years we have won several new major orders with scalable power supply solutions based on our LAPS High Power Standard Platform, enabling attractive price/performance ratios for our customers,” says Hans Pol, Managing Director of PBF and President Industrial of SFC Energy. “Our power supplies’ excellent product specifications and clean tech features are additional benefits for many customers. We are very proud of our high design flexibility to deliver standard and semi-standardized products to exactly meet customer specifications in extremely fast and cost-efficient ways. We expect a growing market demand for our power supply business in the coming years.“

PBF’s LAPS High Power Standard Plattform development was funded by OP Oost, the Operational Program of the European Regional Development Fund in Overijssel and Gelderland.

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