25 Jun 2018

DIN rail power supplies offer simplicity without compromise

PULS Power PIANO PIC series is designed for applications that require reliable DIN rail power supplies designed to deliver the most widely specified features and performance required by customers.

PIC units offer this simplicity without making compromises on PULS’ renowned qualities; efficiency, service lifetime, reliability and size. The PIANO PIC series are single-phase input power supplies with outputs of 24V at 5A, 10A or 20A providing a power range of 120W, 240W or 480W.

The PIC range is composed of carefully designed and application-oriented 24V power supplies. This specifically developed family is unique in the industry 24V class. This ensures customers get exactly what they need for their application with no cost intensive extra features while still being manufactured to the highest quality.

The PIC series is a future-proof and cost-effective investment for customer equipment. The initial purchase is the beginning of a life cycle which will permanently reduce system costs. Very high efficiencies (90.5 to 95.7% at full load) lower the heat losses and reduce energy costs for system cooling.

The PIANO PIC series has very high MTBF values (Mean Time Between Failures) of up to 1.72 million hours minimising down-time and service requirements, are equipped with a DC-OK LED and provide a DC-OK signal via a floating relay contact (except PIC120.242C).

The clean PCB design and high-grade housing make the PIC series resistant to mechanical shock and vibration. The light-weight design of 350-810g also reduces the static strain on the DIN rail and all units also comply with the V0 class of inflammability. The PIC series can withstand powerful input transients up to 230% of the nominal input voltage assuring robustness over the entire load range.

Marco van der Linden, UK Country Manager, for PULS comments, “Our PIANO PIC series is designed to provide customers with exactly what they need for their application without paying for any cost intensive extra features while still manufactured to the highest quality. The PIC series represents PULS’ perfect blend of essential functionality with the highest quality. The PIC portfolio offers designers a high degree of flexibility: the units differ in very subtle details which gives customers the opportunity to choose only what is required for any application. For example: If the system is to operate exclusively in Europe or China it is not necessary to pay for a wide range input.”

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