11 May 2018

Transformers pre-approved for pSemi push-pull drivers

Murata has announced the release of its 782100 series of transformers designed specifically for use with the Peregrine (pSemi) PE22100 push-pull DC-DC converter driver ICs.

The combination of driver IC and transformer allows easy implementation of an isolated DC-DC converter rated up to 1W, typically used for powering the secondary side of an isolated data interface such as RS232, RS485 or CAN bus.

Surface mount (SM) and through hole (DIL) versions of the transformers are available in industry standard footprints. The SM types include variants for 3.3 V/5 V or 5 V/5 V input/output while the DIL types have 3.3 V/3.3 V or 5 V/3.3 V input/output. Each output voltage is as specified after external rectifier diode drops. All transformer variants have 4 kVDC isolation rating featuring tightly controlled toroidal construction giving high efficiency, close magnetic coupling and low EMI. Operating temperature range is -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C and the surface mount types have a Moisture Sensitivity rating of MSL1 so that no special storage methods are necessary.

The SM transformers meet the requirements of J-STD-020 for reflow soldering with a peak temperature of 245 degrees C and a maximum time above liquidous (217 degrees C) of 100 seconds making them compatible with common reflow systems. The through-hole variants are suitable for wave soldering with a peak temperature of 260 degrees C for ten seconds. All types have a matte tin pin finish.

pSemi, a Murata company, have tested and approved the transformers for use with their ICs giving customers a secure and proven solution. Additionally, the transformers are based on existing Murata products which are made in high volume with a long track record giving customers confidence in the manufacturing technology.

Applications for the combination of transformer and pSemi IC as an isolated data interface are in analog and digital I/O cards in data acquisition and instrumentation. Rectifier diodes and capacitors are all that are required to realize a complete DC-DC converter function with a profile as low as 7mm. An evaluation kit is available from pSemi featuring the 782100 transformers.

“The collaboration between Murata Power Solutions and pSemi to develop these transformers means that users do not need to separately qualify a magnetics source when using the peregrine IC, saving time and expense”, said Andrea Polti, Product Manager at Murata Power Solutions.

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