20 Nov 2018

Smallest side-actuated detect switches unveiled

C&K, a brand of high-quality electromechanical switches, has announced availability of two new series of micro-mini, side-actuated detect switches. The FDSD and FDSE ranges are one of the smallest detect switches suitable for applications that require vertical side detection.

The FDSD series of micro-mini side-actuated detect switches are available in an extremely small package size of just 4.20 mm x 3.60 mm x 1.20 mm, with optional flat or bent terminals that allows for simple PCB mounting. The SPST-NO beryllium copper contacts have a resistance of less than 1 ohm and are rated for 10 mA at 5 VDC with a lifetime of 50,000 operations. The detect switch requires a maximum force of 40 gf and can travel through an angle of 60 degrees or 3.05 mm.

The FDSE range adds an angled capability to the range. Housed in the same package size, the SPST-NC contacts are also beryllium copper and offer a 50,000-operation lifetime. The contact resistance is less than 3 ohms and the electrical rating is 1 mA at 5 VDC. The angled detect switch requires a maximum force of 35 gf and can travel through an angle of 60 degrees or 3.14 mm.

Both of the new product families offer long travel detection in an incredibly small PCB-mount package, allowing for a wide range of travel detection where limited space is available.

With an operating temperature range of -10°C to +60°C, FDSD and FDSE switches are commonly used in consumer electronics, medical devices and safety control applications as well as are suitable for a wide range of other applications. For example, the switches are commonly used in inhalers to detect the presence of a cartridge in order to activate medicine delivery and to confirm the dose has been dispensed.

“We are constantly adding new solutions into C&K portfolio due to new market demands and needs of detect switches,” said Jeffrey Phan, Global Product Manager, C&K. “The FDSD and FDSE switches provide a robust, reliable and price-competitive detect function in an incredibly small package.”

The RoHS-compliant FDSD and FDSE detect switches are supplied in standard 1 reel of 3,500 devices to allow for simple, cost-effective PCB mounting.

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