14 Dec 2018

High-end RS Pro dual-channel soldering station unveiled

RS Components, a global multi-channel distributor, has launched the RS Pro dual-channel smart soldering station for use by a wide range of engineering professionals. It is the first product in the RS Pro range to offer a high-end, two-channel specification.

“This dual-channel soldering tool is a significant addition to the RS Pro range,” said Simon Brown, VP RS Pro. “Its combination of power, flexibility and functionality is simply not available elsewhere at this price level, thereby delivering access to professional soldering capability for a larger range of potential users.”

Offering a combined maximum power output of 200W, a key feature of the soldering station is that it enables the simultaneous use of a soldering iron and tweezers, which are both included in the package along with the main heating unit and two tool holders. The station is a heavy-duty and highly robust unit and the tool holders feature inserts made from metal for placement of the soldering iron and tweezers.

With fast heat-up and recovery, the supplied soldering iron has a power output of 130W and can reach maximum temperature within 10 seconds. The 100W output tweezers feature a soldering and desoldering function, suitable for use with a range of surface-mount devices. In addition, the maximum power output of 150W for a single-channel soldering iron means the product can handle the soldering of large bond pads.

Another key feature of the station is the automatic recognition of the connected soldering tools and the uploading of corresponding parameter data, which is displayed on the main unit’s large digital LCD screen. In addition, the station features a temperature range from 150 up to 480°C and comes with three pre-set temperature operations to support simplified operation, as well as offering energy-saving modes, including standby and auto-sleep.

In addition to the main heating unit, the two tool holders and iron and tweezers, the package includes cleaning sponges, UK and European plugs, and manuals. A range of replacement accessories will also soon be available from RS, including soldering irons in 50W, 130W and 150W variants, together with tweezers and tips.

Shipping now, the RS Pro soldering station has been rigorously tested to meet demanding industry standards and comes with a three-year warranty and the RS Pro Seal of Approval.

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