08 Dec 2017

D Series spring contacts with insulation coating

ALPS Electric has developed the new SCTAxD Series, with reduced insertion loss and improved robustness, to add to its lineup of small spring contacts, ideal for board-to-board or board-to-device connection inside smartphones, wearable computers and other mobile equipment. Mass production and sales of SCTA3D, 4D and 5D Series began in October 2017.

Smartphones, smart watches and wristband-type health management devices are smaller, thinner, lighter and more functional than ever before. The ways in which they are used, too, have recently become increasingly sophisticated, involving connection to other devices and network environments for such purposes as managing data, linking to cloud services and updating firmware. And as these compact mobile devices evolve, the electronic components inside them also need to be able to support advanced functionality, miniaturization and high-density mounting while at the same time having greater rigidity for envisaged use in a wide range of environments.

Responding to these needs, ALPS Electric developed and introduced to the market in 2015 the SCTAxA Series—an original series of spring contacts for board-to-board and board-to-device connection inside electronic equipment. In January 2017, ALPS developed the SCTA1D Series with enhanced product performance. And now, following the addition of SCTA3D, 4D and 5D Series to the lineup, the company has commenced sales to replace the SCTAxB Series (released September 2016).

Compared to earlier Alps products, the SCTAxD Series achieves dramatically reduced insertion loss on connection of a device such as an RF antenna. This is due to laser welding of the tips of the two spiral springs, which ensures that signals do also pass through the support spring (sub-terminal). In addition, joining the tips of main and support springs improves robustness without compromising the original function and performance of the springs. And just like the SCTAxB Series, the SCTAxD Series has insulation coating applied to the spiral part of the spring, preventing shorting paths due to spring bending and thereby realizing stable high frequency performance.

Contributing to stable connection inside electronic equipment, the expanded product lineup puts Alps Electric in a better position to promote sales of the series to not only smartphone and wearable computer sectors, where compact size and a low profile are major requirements, but also to a broad range of markets, including consumer electronics and industrial equipment.

Key Features

  • Space-saving compact size (1.4 × 1.4mm (1.45 × 1.45mm)) and low height

  • Unique spring construction realizes high resilience to vibration and impacts, ensuring high 
contact reliability 

  • Square shape means orientation not a concern during mounting, allowing flexible 
arrangement (e.g. arrays) 

  • Supports 3A current despite compact dimensions 

  • Insertion loss during RF antenna connection minimized 

  • Insulation coating prevents shorting paths (e.g. due to bending)

Connection of devices requiring stable high frequency performance, and board-to-board or other connection inside electronic equipment

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