19 Jan 2018

Aegis cases now with static dissipative performance

Leafield Cases now offers its Aegis Ruggedised Transit Cases in a static dissipative material to overcome the potential problems that can arise from tribocharge static build-up.

Critical electronics devices, assemblies and equipment are known to be susceptible to "static zap". As little as 100 to 200 volts can cause serious problems with a MOSFET power transistor and 250 to 2000 volts can cause irreparable damage to a CMOS transistor. The damage can be catastrophic, or partial but either way, it can cause untold problems with equipment performance.

Recognizing that proper grounding and handling procedures are not always followed in the field, Leafield Cases has developed and tested cases manufactured from a conductive polymer in order to combat such risks. Aegis Ruggedised Transit Cases can now be produced with a surface resistivity of 2.62 x 105Ω/sq, providing a natural path for the dissipation of any static charge that may be present over the outer conductive surface area.

When combined with the use of anti-static and/or static dissipative foam cushioning materials, the electrostatic potentials between handler and shipping case contents is equalised automatically, in a safe and controlled manner, simply by opening the case.

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