28 Jun 2018

Richardson Electronics and MS Power GmbH sign distribution agreement

Richardson Electronics has announced a new distribution agreement with MS Power GmbH, a manufacturer of bipolar semiconductor products. The agreement aligns with both companies commitment to provide the highest reliability and quality products into various applications including Motor Drives, Power Supplies, Solar and Wind Energy Systems, Smart Grid, and others.

MS Power GmbH offers a broad range of Distributed Gate SCRs, Phase Control SCRs, Diodes, Power Modules, and Power Bridge devices. Its broad range of Diodes contain pellets in voltages up to 7000V and a current range of 25A and 13500A. SCRs are available in voltages up to 8500V and a current range from 16A-5000A. The company offers a wide range of Diode Modules in voltages up to 6000V and a current range of 25A-1000A. MS Power also offers a wide range of SCR and SCR/Diode Modules in voltages up to 4400V and a current range of 25A-800A. All modules are offered in both soldered and compression bonded technologies.

“We are excited to distribute MS Power’s exemplary product line, but it is the company’s value-added capabilities that let us know we have made the right choice for our line card,” said Greg Peloquin, Executive Vice President of Richardson Electronics’ Power & Microwave Technologies group. “MS Power combines the highest quality of production, the latest technology, and an active available-from-stock inventory at competitive prices.”

MS Power GmbH in-house capabilities include: wafer fab in-house chip production, packaging fab with world-class soldering technology (vacuum soldering), and the best-in-class high power testing center in China. MS Power continuously carries out new research and technical solutions for customized requirement from clients.

“Working with Richardson Electronics truly compliments our mission to provide leading technologies to our valued customers, now with their exceptional worldwide support,” says Yechao Shen, President of MS Power GmbH. “We believe our future together to be beneficial for each customer we reach.”

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