19 Dec 2018

174–512 MHz tunable bandpass Fflter available from Richardson RFPD

Richardson RFPD has announced the availability and full design support capabilities for a new tunable bandpass filter from NewEdge Signal Solutions.

The SAX270 electronically-tunable bandpass filter is designed for the extended UHF band in tactical communications applications. NewEdge has used a breakthrough approach to achieve the filter’s extremely small size and over-molded plastic packaging.

Additional key features of the SAX270 include:

  • Package size: 0.5 x 0.45 x 0.175 inches

  • Insertion loss: 4.3 dB typical

  • Noise figure: < .5 dB above insertion loss

  • Power handling: +27 dBm P1dB

  • DC power consumption: < 100 mW typical

An evaluation board (SAX270_EVB) is also available.

The combination of size and RF performance with low DC power consumption makes this filter ideal for high-performance embedded applications where board size is constrained, such as handheld and manpack radios, as well as radios included in drones and other airborne platforms.

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174–512 MHz tunable bandpass Fflter available from Richardson RFPD
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