24 Jul 2018

Marvell opens CISPR25 automotive EMC laboratory

Marvell Technology Group has announced the opening of its automotive electromagnetic compatibility laboratory at its Santa Clara HQ location. This EMC testing facility is CISPR 25 qualified and provides Marvell with an in-house capability to perform a wide range of emission, immunity and ESD testing.

Although EMC has always been a major factor for vehicles, with the rapid increase in the level of electronics and electrical equipment within vehicles, EMC is becoming far more important. It is also very challenging as a result of the sensitivity of some parts and the huge levels of current required for others, especially in the new generations of electrically driven vehicles.

With its new EMC / EMI testing, Marvell’s automotive products can be tested on site without the need to book time in advance at external facilities as many other automotive IC vendors do. The new EMC facility also enables Marvell to be very responsive to its customers better meeting their needs. In terms of an EMC facility the complex is large, entire laboratory / work area is 50x40 square feet and the electromagnetic chamber itself is 18x20 square feet.

In more specific terms the new facility enables Marvell to deliver improved product in terms of user experience (for the HMI), safety and security, automotive makers are employing several electronic control units, ECUs that operate at higher frequencies, which pose many new EMC challenges. These ECUs are more frequently being bombarded by multiple sources of electromagnetic interference EMI and noise, ranging from 150 kilohertz to over 10 gigahertz from both internal ECUs and external sources. Preventing these electromagnetic interference signals from causing issues enables the mission critical functions of the car to operate reliably. Furthermore, limiting the electromagnetic interference in the car ensures that the infotainment systems including streamed audio and video run seamlessly and without interruption.

The coexistence of an increasing number of ECUs within the car as well as interference from surrounding vehicles have driven automotive silicon vendors to meet very stringent EMC and ESD requirements outlined in the IEC/ISO and AEC-Q100 standards. Marvell’s new EMC lab provides the testing capability needed to ensure its products and solutions meet these EMC requirements, including IEC CISPR 25, IEC 62132, IEC61967, IEC 61000, ISO11452, ISO 10605, ISO7637 and other OEM specific EMC requirements.

“Having developed multiple CISPR 25 EMC labs for the automotive industry, we were very excited to engage with Marvell as the first semiconductor vendor who invested in such an advanced engineering facility. We were equally impressed by Marvell’s deep understanding of the latest technologies, tools and methods to solve the toughest EMC problems,” said Kirk Grummer, CEO and president, AP Americas, Inc. and provider of the anechoic CISPR 25 chamber.

With EMC / EMI only growing as an issue as automobiles pack ever increasing amounts of electronics with faster and faster data throughput speeds into the vehicles, issues are only going to increase. As a result, investing in an EMC / EMI testing facility makes very good sense if customer needs are to be addressed in the best way.

By Ian Poole

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