28 Feb 2018

Keysight demonstrates 5G 4Gbps conencton

Keysight demonstrates the 5G 4Ggbs data throughput connection at 28GHz using its 5G mmWave over-the-air (OTA) performance test solution.

With millimetre wave technology becoming a core element of 5G to provide the very high data throughput levels needed, this demonstration of the technology is very encouraging. As millimetre wave links become the standard short range method for transferring high data rates, this is a key step to move forwards 5G technology.

The company will also introduce comprehensive 5G New Radio, NR signal creation and analysis software tools, designed to accelerate 5G product design development and validation by chipset and device manufacturers in Hall 6, Stand 6G30. Semiconductor companies building 5G chipsets must accommodate a wide range of new application demands. This means they will need to meet new interface standards and support expanded frequencies, lower latencies, and new waveforms.

“Keysight partnered early with industry-leading chipset and device makers to deliver a common set of 5G design and simulation resources that can be used across the 5G ecosystem,” stated Kailash Narayanan, vice president and general manager for Keysight’s wireless device and operators group. “Keysight’s solutions accurately emulate the network, measure 5G devices, base stations, and massive subscriber behaviour scenarios, to reduce errors and speed cycle time. Keysight has applied its expertise in radio frequency, mmWave, protocol and IP networking, to develop solutions that enable chipset makers to master the complexities of 5G and quickly innovate, transform, and win in the market.”

This 5G millimetre wave 4 Gbps link test bed will undoubtedly form the basis of many systems for testing 5G around the world. It is likely to be seen in many laboratories as companies develop and build their 5G technology.

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