14 Jun 2017

MultTV launches IPTV service in Brazil

albis-elcon has announced that Brazilian service provider MultTV has launched a new IPTV offering powered by its SceneGate 8073 set-top boxes (STBs).

Featuring a contemporary, compact footprint of 85 mm x 85 mm x 35 mm and advanced functionalities featuring DLNA-based in-home media streaming and sharing, the SceneGate 8073 provides MultTV with a cost-effective and reliable solution for delivering a superior television experience to end users.

Thirteen telecommunication entrepreneurs make up MultTV and are working together. "Our goal is to offer headend sharing services and transport paid channels, for all broadband providers in Brazil, without the need to invest alone in this infrastructure, at low monthly cost, and to ensure a smooth integration process, we needed to partner with a set-top box vendor that has a strong presence in the region," said Carlos Reis, MultTV commercial and marketing director.

"albis-elcon offers top-notch ecosystem integration expertise and a local support team, making this project a success. Compared with other set-top boxes on the market, the SceneGate 8073 sets the benchmark for hardware and software engineering quality, offering unique features like 1080p HD, media sharing, and in-home streaming without causing the cost of our customers' monthly service package to skyrocket. We know that partnering with albis-elcon will keep our IPTV customers satisfied now and in the future," added Osmir Petrini, partner of MultTV.

The SceneGate 8073 features advanced system-on-a-chip technology that optimizes the platform's processing power and memory, allowing MultTV ISPs to deliver sophisticated HTML5-based applications and visually appealing user interfaces. In addition, the SceneGate 8073 includes a flexible software framework that provides open APIs for integration with native- or browser-based middleware clients and applications. Through this capability, MultTV providers can bring web-based content to the living room.

By providing support for a broad range of standardized interfaces, from analog to digital, the SceneGate 8073 enables MultTV providers to deliver multiple types of video, audio, and data transmissions. In the future, MultTV can expand its offering to include OTT services using the SceneGate 8073.

"Consumers today have many choices when it comes to television services. Our job is to help service providers deliver a next-generation experience that bests the competition, in the most affordable manner possible," said Roberto Furtado, head of sales CALA at albis-elcon. "The SceneGate 8073 is perfect for service provider groups like MultTV that want to introduce IPTV services with crystal-clear 1080p HD resolution. Our experienced deployment team in Latin America makes sure that providers can get their new service up and running in no time at all."

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