18 Apr 2017

BNC RF connectors and assemblies improve viewing experience

Molex has introduced its new line of radio frequency products, BNC RF Connectors and Assemblies. Designed for leading 8K High-Speed, High Definition TV (HDTV), video equipment and camera manufacturers, these innovative new products from Molex yield return loss performance that exceeds SMPTE 2082-1 standards, allowing for future bandwidth expansion without needing to change connector hardware.

By transmitting signals up to 12 GHz — the connectors feature the best impedance matching available — the Molex 12 GHz BNC RF Connectors and Assemblies allow users to exceed the performance requirements of serial-data transmission for 8K HD televisions and video equipment such as cameras, monitors and switching gear. The higher bandwidth helps carry the higher amounts of data needed for 8K HD video applications, delivering cutting-edge performance and allowing the equipment OEMs to utilise a single video port versus three in the 4K HD video devices. Options for design flexibility include right-angle, vertical and bulkhead PCB configurations.

The Molex 12 GHz BNC RF Connectors and Assemblies are available in 75 Ohm impedance, and are backward compatible with 3 GHz 75 Ohm BNC connectors. The major impetus for the new design is the projected demand from users for 8K HDTV products for the broadcast-television market. The Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers is regularly updating its standards for hardware design, meaning constant changes for those within the industry. Molex aims to help customers stay ahead by unveiling connectors and assemblies that exceed the serial data transmission standards of 8K HDTV, 8K HD video and various broadcast applications. They also allow for bandwidth expansion in the future without needing to change hardware.

“We listened closely to customer input and improved the equipment for 8K video,” said Kerrie Chen, product manager, Molex. “More broadcasting outlets, especially those that air live sporting events, are looking to enhance the viewer experience. The Molex BNC RF Connectors and Assemblies can double the HD resolution. Molex is one of the first suppliers to meet or exceed the targeted electrical performance levels.”

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