31 Oct 2014

Coil on Module integrates antenna for a healthy ID card

Infineon Technologies believes that its Coil on Module (CoM) package technology can simplify and improve manufacturing of electronic identification cards, electronic drivers’ licences or health insurance cards with both contact-based as well as contactless interface.

Card holders can use existing infrastructure as well as new and convenient contactless applications at e.g. government offices or at doctor’s offices.

The Dual Interface CoM package technology with a wired card antenna can be integrated in card material made of robust polycarbonate. According to the company, dual Interface cards build a bridge between contact-based card applications. Demand for Dual Interface is growing faster in the next years than for purely contactless solutions. According to latest estimates of market research firm IHS (July 2014) the number of Dual Interface cards for government and healthcare will grow between 2013 and 2019 by 22% per year compared to an increase of only 14.3% for purely contactless cards.

An RF link is used rather than the common mechanical-electrical connection between chip module and card antenna. This skips the elaborate process of interconnecting the chip module to the card antenna during card production. According to the company, the cards are more robust as there is no connection between the chip module and the card antenna, which might be damaged through mechanical stress. It is also secure, as the chip module is approximately one-fifth slimmer than common modules, so that additional security features (security layers) can be integrated in the card.

Samples and starter kits of the ‘Coil on Module’ chip modules are available as of November 2014.

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