24 Sep 2018

Cloud unified data repository CUDR solution unveiled

ZTE Corporation has released Cloud Unified Data Repository (CUDR) solution to satisfy the requirements of 5G services and future network evolution.

By virtue of cost-effective hardware and efficient automated creation, the CUDR solution aims at providing the next-generation telecoms cloud with agile information infrastructure.

Based on ZTE’s Universal Subscriber Profile Platform (USPP), the CUDR solution integrates the company's experience of serving about 200 operators globally and adopts the microservices design concept to build a 5G-oriented cloud-based convergent and open data repository, so as to meet 3GPP’s requirements on data services.

ZTE’s CUDR solution supports the smooth evolution of 2/3/4/5G/IMS networks. It provides a variety of data engines based on the feature of different data types. By leveraging the real-time large-capacity distributed database technology, ZTE’s CUDR solution is capable of managing all kinds of data on the network, such as subscription data, policy data, session data and state data, thereby providing data access with high reliability, low response latency and strong extensibility.

ZTE’s CUDR solution promotes the separation of computing and storage of network equipment, simplifies network architecture, improves network agility and facilitates data sharing as well as data increment. In addition, its flexible deployment capability and open data interfaces enable new business innovation.

ZTE has been committed to meeting operators’ requirements for network evolution by providing a complete end-to-end cloud solution and building an agile cloud communication network infrastructure, for the purpose of helping operators achieve digital transformation.

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