17 Jul 2018

Collaboration provides customers with embedded emWin GUI software

Nuvoton Technology, a provider of microcontrollers, and SEGGER, a full-range supplier of software, hardware and development tools for embedded systems, announced their cooperation to make SEGGER’s powerful emWin GUI library available for developers using Nuvoton’s microcontrollers.

Product developers can now add more value to their end products by utilizing the library and its tools to develop smooth, high quality Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) quickly and efficiently.

emWin is compatible with single-task and multitask environments using a proprietary operating system, or with any commercial RTOS such as SEGGER´s embOS. A de-facto industrial standard, emWin can be found in all market segments, including industrial, medical, consumer, smart home, white goods, and automotive. Nuvoton Technology stated that emWin can assist designers to complete a professional interface within one day to few days.

Nuvoton provides complete HMI solutions which are further enhanced by the emWin software. For high resolution graphics, Nuvoton offers the N9H series with an integrated TFT LCD controller running at up to 300MHz. Nuvoton’s portfolio also include the Arm Cortex-M0/M4 based NuMicro microcontroller solutions, that can use their built-in SPI or I²C hardware interfaces for connecting displays.

With the rise of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, market demand for HMI continues to grow. Nuvoton now offers their comprehensive MCU/MPU solutions along with embedded emWin GUI software from SEGGER to fulfil various production and design needs.

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