25 Feb 2014

Axell Wireless Launches Intelligent Digital DAS, idDAS

With typically 80% of mobile data usage being within buildings where coverage is poor, Axell Wireless has launched its new intelligent digital DAS, idDAS.

DAS, or distributed antenna systems are typically installed in buildings by the mobile operators, working with the building owners, but they provide services for multiple operators.

The new Axell Wireless idDAS system changes the way DAS works by enabling capacity to be managed and diverted to where it is needed at any time. The capacity in any area is controllable by the individual operators themselves, or an overall neutral host provider.

This system provides a considerable cost reduction, because it enables base station resource to be rationalised and optimised for a given facility.

The other benefit of the system is that it is cable agnostic – single or multimode fibre or Cat5/6 to be used as most convenient.

The other major benefit is that system is small cell and Wi-Fi inclusive, in that it has a dedicated 1Gbit backhaul facility for either small cell or Wi-Fi traffic. Additionally it enables spare small cell resource to be captured and redistributed elsewhere in the facility when it is not needed at the hotspot.

The system is fully digital and the development has been enabled by the fact that Axell has a long pedigree in RF digital processing technology including digital off air filtering for which it holds several patents. The development has also been assisted by taking on board the feedback from three major operators who aided the development process.

Trials of the system are taking place over the next few months and first shipments will be in summer of 2014.

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