20 May - 23 May 2019
Austin Convention Center, Austin Texas, USA

Join other technologists at NIWeek 2017 which promises to provide a unique event for anyone using products like LabVIEW, PXI, data acquisition, and many more areas.

NIWeek is the annual global conference for graphical system design organised by National Instruments and held at the Convention Center in Austin Texas. NIWeek is now well established it and it has been running for over 20 years.

The conference draws around 4000 attendees from around the globe and from many spheres of the electronics and control industries. To support the visitors, there are around 2000 National Instruments employees on hand to provide support, information, tuition, . . . .

NIWeek brings together a whole variety of engineers, scientists and many others. The week provides an environment to learn from National Instruments and many others about the latest developments in graphical system design as well as being able to listen to others and how they have used graphical system design and LabVIEW for an enormous variety of different applications.

There is an exhibition, lectures, keynotes, workshops, and specialised training as well as certification opportunities for those wanting to be accredited in the use of LabVIEW and graphical system design.


NIWeek 2017 enables users to chat face to face with those who develop and use LabVIEW.

There is an excellent line-up of speakers and trainers supporting the event. Top personnel from NI are present - their founders Dr Truchard and Jeff Kodosky are prominent at the event along with many other senior National Instruments VPs and managers. There are also many presenters from outside the company, along with many engineers who have a wealth of hands-on experience. In this way, NIWeek 2017 provides an excellent forum where developers are able to network with others, discuss their approaches to problems or issues and learn from the experiences of fellow developers.


NIWeek 2017 conference elements

NIWeek offers many different aspects, each of which has its own value:

  • Keynotes: NIWeek 2017, like previous events, this one will have important keynote speeches delivered by industry thought leaders from inside and outside National Instruments. Many key items of related industry news will revealed at the event.

  • Conferences: The conference lectures and discussions held at NIWeek 2017 will outline some of the latest developments being undertaken both at NI and within the wider world of graphical system design. The conference presentations cover a variety of topics and are split into a number of areas:

    • Aerospace and defence

    • Energy technology

    • RF and wireless

    • Transportation

    • Vision - a variety of topics from inspection through to the use of vision technologies in medical science.

  • Workshops: In order to gain the most from NIWeek it is possible to attend workshops. These will help users gain a better understanding of various areas of graphical system design and LabVIEW from a more practical viewpoint. In this way real-life issues and approaches can be discussed.

  • Research notes: One of the advantages of NIWeek is that it is possible to see some of the latest developments occurring in this area of the industry. It is an ideal opportunity to keep up with the industry leaders. For example LabVIEW and National Instruments hardware is being used in key research projects , 5G cellular telecommunications development is but one area.

  • Exhibition: A major hall is devoted to an exhibition that will house a large number of companies involved in graphical system design. These range from large to small and areas covered include robotics, software, RF, test and measurement and a host more areas. The 2016 event saw over 300 companies participate.

Key event facts
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Date 20 May - 23 May 2019
Location Austin Convention Center, Austin Texas, USA
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