Contract or permanent electronics, software and project management jobs

- notes whether to opt for permanent, or contract (consultancy or freelance) electronics, software and project management jobs

As in any field of employment, so it is within the electronics, software and project management job arenas that the question is asked, or at least people think about whether to opt for a permanent job or a freelance of contract / consultancy approach.

The are advantages and disadvantages to working as a freelancer or consultant. Whether in the field of electronics jobs, software jobs or whatever, these need to be carefully considered before making and decision. The actual outcome will depend upon the circumstances. It may also be dependent to some degree upon the location as it is not common for people to work as freelancers or consultants on their own in some countries.

Advantages and disadvantages of freelance / contract work

There a number of advantages and disadvantages of working on a contract, freelance or consultancy basis. The comment below are focussed towards the electronics, software and project management contract work arenas:


  • Greater flexibility of working hours
  • Greater flexibility to take the work you want (when there is plenty available)
  • Opportunity for greater rewards
  • Greater level of satisfaction from being able to develop your career in a way you want


  • Less job security
  • When work is scare it may mean living away from home or travelling further
  • Often more paperwork to keep accounts, etc

Advantages and disadvantages of permanent jobs

Many people of for permanent employment, and just as in many areas, so it can be for electronics jobs, software jobs and project management jobs, that there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to be considered.


  • Greater level of job security
  • As you will be there for longer than with a contract job, friends and careers can be developed within a company
  • Can often build up long term benefits such as additional leave and pension, dependent upon the terms of employment
  • Often have greater safeguards and rights


  • Can become set in a "rut" after a while
  • Career can become stagnant after a while if you are not careful
  • There may not be the same environment to be as entrepreneurial


The decision of whether to opt for a contract / freelance / consultancy approach to employment or whether to follow the permanent employment route is a matter of individual choice. Whether to set up your own small company and "go it alone" can be great fun. There are risks and there are opportunities, but it is not what everyone wants. Alternatively the more traditional approach of seeking an employer is more suitable for many people. At the end of the day, the choice is yours!

By Ian Poole

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