03 Oct 2017

u-blox launches NINA-B3 full-featured Bluetooth 5 module

Wireless and positioning company, u-blox has launched a full Bluetooth 5 compliant NINA-B3 wireless MCU module. The NINA-B3 module contains a complete Bluetooth transceiver including the RF, optional antenna and at the other end provides an external wired interface. In this way it is a complete Bluetooth modem.

The NINA-B3 from u-blox also supports Thread and in this way it can act as a dual standard radio, or a gateway between the two.

The NINA-B3 features the latest Bluetooth 5 low energy connectivity and also the additional option for Bluetooth mesh. In this way the modules provides product developers with a very easy route to enter the IoT market, or any market where the latest Bluetooth connectivity or Thread is needed.

As a result of using the latest Bluetooth standards, the NINA-B3 is able to provide Bluetooth low energy long range connectivity, high data transfer rates and support Bluetooth mesh and Thread if needed. This means that it is able to suitable for use in a host of applications from smart lighting, sensor and control networks, Industry 4.0, smart tools, wearables, . . . .

The NINA B3 is available in a number of options:

u-blox NINA B3 Options
Product Software Antena
NINA B301 Customer applications through Open CPU Antenna pin
NINA B302 Customer applications through Open CPU Internal antenna
NINA B311 u-blox connectivity software Antenna pin
NINA B312 u-blox connectivity software Internal antenna

Using the pre-flashed u-blox connectivity software gives out of the box connectivity.

NINA B3 is available with a highly sensitive internal antenna specifically designed for the module’s small form factor, achieving optimal radio range performance even in small end product designs. Pin compatibility with the other u-blox NINA short-range communication modules limits design effort for product developers developing multiple device variants, e.g. featuring only Wi Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

Commenting on the launch of the new Bluetooth module series, Pelle Svensson, Market Development Manager, Product Center Short Range Radio at u-blox said: “We’re very excited to present u-blox’s solution to bring, for the first time, Bluetooth technology to applications that require long range connectivity and high data rates. Based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52840 chip, the u-blox NINA B3 Bluetooth low energy module stands out for the attention given to streamlining product development.”

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