06 Feb 2018

Optical fibre vapour permeability measurement for any gas

Versaperm has launched a mass spectrometer version of its successful optical fibre vapour permeability measurement system which works across every gas or group of gasses.

This is important as vapour permeability becomes a critical property when using optical fibres for transferring data long distances (especially under water where signal attenuation is especially important). It is also critical if you are using the fibre as a sensor (for example in an oil well for gas analysis or to measure temperature or pressure).

The vapour permeability of optic fibres is particularly difficult to determine using conventional techniques and some people have had to rely on published values for flat samples - and ignore the manufacturing process which can change this value by a factor of at least four. Fortunately, Versaperm's new mass spectrometer permeability meter system can measure the value for a fibre quickly and with an accuracy well into the Parts Per Million (PPM) or sometimes Parts Per Billion (PPB) ranges. Results are precise and highly repeatable.

The equipment can control a wide range of physical conditions from temperature (-80 to over +1000 C), pressure, environment and partial pressure / humidity. It can measure several samples at a time and offers a simple to use automated control panel with a large touch-screen interface. It also needs very little re-calibration and requires, at most, minimal training.

As well as designing, manufacturing and supplying the equipment to laboratories, including standards laboratories around the world, Versaperm additionally offers both laboratory testing and consultancy services.

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