19 Dec 2017

Mouser to distribute Keysight test equipment

Mouser has announced that it has signed a global agreement with Keysight Technologies to distribute their test and measurement tools.

With distributors set up to efficiently distribute product of all types, many test and measurement companies are now using distribution outlets to market much of their equipment, particularly at the higher volume and lower cost end of the market where the distribution costs are key.

The product lines available from Keysight via Mouser include their oscilloscopes, bench top power supplies, waveform generators and digital multimeters.

In recent months Keysight have introduced a range of low cost oscilloscopes and these are ideal for stocking by Mouser, along with all the other Keysight lines. The InfiniiVision 1000X-Series oscilloscopes have been a particular success, with entry levels at just under $500, the volumes and costs make this scope deal for sale via distributors like Mouser.

One key concern by many prospective purchasers is that of support. These days much of the support is available on-line in various ways, and normally provided by the manufacturer. Chat help, on-line help and much more is normally available, and with products being much easier to use and containing in-product help as well, this is much less of a concern.

In this way, the prospective purchasers are able to gain exactly the same support, but with the added advantage of the benefits that a distributor is able to provide.

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Mouser to distribute Keysight test equipment

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