02 Oct 2017

Ethernet controlled Ka-band loop test translator launched

AtlanTecRF, a specialist in RF satcom testing, has launched a new range of Ka-band Loop Test Translators (LTT) with Ethernet Control.

The ALR series of Ka-Band Loop Test Translators address the 27GHz uplink market and feature Synthesised Variable Frequency Local Oscillators (LOs) to provide the user with the most versatile and comprehensive operating configurations for translation of uplink (Tx) frequencies to either downlink (Rx) frequencies or to L-Band, and for L-Band to downlink (Rx).

These new translators simulate the satellite transponder frequency conversion for system alignment without the risk and cost of a live test session and provide continuous quality monitoring.

From input to output the nominal conversion loss is 35dB as standard but there are options to reduce this to 0dB with the addition of internal gain stages. Input attenuation in a choice of 30dB and 60dB ranges is controlled with easy-to-use up/down touch buttons and this is also the case for the synthesised local oscillator (LO) frequency. In addition, this local control can be switched to remote whereby ethernet and a GUI (graphical user interface) permit adjustment of these parameters via the internet.

LO stability is maintained over both time and temperature by either an internal OCXO guaranteeing +/-0.05ppm over 0+50C or by connecting to a system 10MHz reference, in which case the LTT tracks the system variations.

"It is always the aim of AtlanTecRF to offer a comprehensive range of Satcom RF Testing Equipment to meet the different needs of users. With the launch of the Ethernet Controlled Ka-band unit – users can now remotely test satellite signals from L-band right through to Ku, DBS, Ka and Q-band”, said Geoff Burling, AtlanTecRF’s C.E.O.

In addition to the easily recognised 19" x 1U rack mount configuration, the new Ka-band LTTs are also available as portable bench instruments and weatherproof outdoor units and there is the choice of AC 80-240V supply or rechargeable battery power.

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