07 Jun 2017

Vicor adds buck regulator to target lighting and automotive applications

Extending the Cool-Power ZVS buck regulator series, Vicor has added the PI3526-00-LGIZ, a 48V (30 to 60V in) input buck regulator.

The regulator offers a higher current, compared with the company's existing P1354x portfolio, enabling scalable power options for 48V direct to PoL. The PI3526-00-LGIZ is a 12V output regulator, supplying up to 18A, packaged in a 10 x 14mm LGA SiP package.

Offering the same features as the company's existing 48V Cool-Power ZVS buck regulators, the PI352x portfolio extends performance by delivering twice the power of the PI354x regulators using only a 40% larger package. In addition to the P13526, the company has recently introduced the P13525-00-LGIZ, a 5.0V output regulator, supplying up to 20A in the same 10 x 14mm package.

The PI3526-00-LGIZ requires only an output inductor and minimal passives for a cost-effective design that consumes less than 740mm2 of PCB real estate, says the company. It is designed to be paralleled in combinations of up to three regulators. The PI352x regulators can be scaled to support applications with even higher load currents.

The PI352x family addresses the growing need for 48V direct to PoL, says the company, in applications including lighting, communications, automotive equipment, and data centres.

The company will also soon introduce the P13523-00-LGIZ, in the same package, supplying 3.3V and up to 22A. The latest additions join the existing Cool-Power ZVS regulators the P13542-00-LGIZ and P13543-00-LGIZ.

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