25 Apr 2018

Robust high efficiency 50W to 600W DC-DC converters for railway

XP Power has unveiled a new extensive family of cost-effective high-power density DC-DC converters for railway traction, rolling stock, and harsh environment applications.

Offering a wide selection of power handling capability from 50W up to 600W, traction battery voltages of 24, 36, 48, 72 & 110 VDC are covered by the 50W, 110 VDC by the 100W, and 72 & 110 VDC by the 300W and 600W converters. All models come in industry-standard brick formats, thereby enabling easy upgrading from lower specification systems.

Meeting increased demand for on-board electronics systems, the converters are suitable for a wide variety of railway applications, including: drive and power control; warning and protection systems; video surveillance and radio/communication systems; access and ticketing machines; as well as door control and internal and external lighting.

All four series in the family are approved to the respective EN50121-3-2 and EN50155 standards for EMC and safety compliance in railway applications. In addition, the units deliver very high efficiencies, leading to a reduced need for cooling. However, baseplate cooling enables the use of the converters in equipment designs with sealed housings, making them ideal for the dirty and harsh conditions experienced in traction and rolling-stock environments. The converters also offer a wide operating temperature range of –40 to +100°C, enabling all-year-round operation in diverse and thermally challenging environments.

The 50W RDF50 series comes in a quarter-brick format, offers an ultra-wide 12:1 DC input range from 14 to 160V, and has four models with single DC outputs of 5, 12, 24 and 48V. The 100W RDL100 and 300W RDH300 series models are available in the industry-standard half-brick format: the RDL100 offers a 3:1 input range from 66 to 160V with 12, 15, 24 and 48V single-output models; and the RDH300 offers a 4:1 input range from 43 to 160V with 5, 12, 24, 28 and 48V output options. The highest power series is the 600W RDH600 series, which comes in a full-brick format, has a 43 to 160V input range, and features models with 12, 24, 28 and 48V outputs.

Other key features of the converters include: Remote ON/OFF, enabling low-power output switching control; and low no-load capability, providing minimal power consumption when on standby. XP Power also offers complete power solutions, incorporating the RD series rail converters, for customer specific railway applications.

The RDF50/RDL100/RDH300/RDH600 series are available from Digi-Key, element14, Farnell, RS Components, approved regional distributors, or direct from XP Power and come with a 3-year warranty.

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