19 Apr 2018

PowerCoil optimises performance of inductive wound products

BLOCK, a global specialist in the field of power supply interfacing, announces the introduction of its PowerCoil edgewise winding technology which provides unprecedented variability in the design of inductive wound products.

State-of-the-art technology has been specially developed and constructed to produce this new type of winding design which offers designers a multitude of advantages including optimal cooling effect by maximising the heat-emitting conductor surface while simultaneously creating cooling ducts via the winding structure and minimal proximity losses with rising switching frequencies.

Designers can now utilise the benefits of increased power density while at the same time reducing manufacturing costs. Mains reactors and sinusoidal filters as well as other inductive winding products are the first product ranges to benefit from the new BLOCK technology.

Dave Wellman, Sales Manager of BLOCK UK, comments; “Our new in-house developed winding technology, 4D PowerCoil, is taking performance optimisation of inductive winding products into a new dimension. The extraordinary variability in the design of the winding structure comes with a number of benefits for wound products.”

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