20 Dec 2017

Halving weight of LAMINA Range Extender for electric vehicles

Swedish fuel cell company myFC is in the process of developing a range extender for electric cars. Aiming to show a prototype in 2018, the company has now initiated a project together with Gränges to accelerate the development.

LAMINA Range Extender is based on myFC's patented LAMINA technology. Charged with myFC's patented green fuel, consisting of salt, water and reaction components, it has the potential of doubling the reach of a medium-sized electric car.

A low material weight is crucial for range extenders, as it reduces operating costs and increases range. MyFC will therefore collaborate with Gränges, which holds and expert position in materials technology, in the development project.

"We are getting a very knowledgeable partner from the automotive industry with unique expertise in materials engineering solutions. This enables us to increase both pace and precision in the development work, "says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC Holding AB.

The cooperation will mainly take place between myFC’s development unit in Stockholm and Gränges’ development unit in Shanghai. Any IP development within the fuel cell area will befall myFC.

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