22 Dec 2017

ALPS Electric begins mass production of “SKTQ Series” TACT switch

Japanese electronic components manufacturer ALPS Electric has developed the “SKTQ Series” TACT Switch. Mass production began in December 2017.

Today's automobile cabins are quieter than ever as sounds like the noise of the engine running and the vehicle moving along the road have been reduced due to increasingly airtight chassis and the emergence of hybrid and electric vehicle technologies. As for car navigation systems, center consoles and other in-vehicle systems, automakers seek a sharp operating feel to go with touch technology, which is replacing conventional mechanical input. This is especially the case for premium vehicles in the European market.

In addition, increasing use of electronics in automobiles means there is more circuitry around the driver's seat, demanding even greater miniaturization of electronic components inside systems.

ALPS Electric has now developed and commenced mass production of the SKTQ Series TACT Switch, employing a unique internal structure to retain the compact dimensions of the existing SKSU Series – a product with an extensive track record in mass production as a TACT Switch for automotive use – while enabling quiet operation as well as a high 5N operating force and definite clicking feel that are ideal for automotive use. This helps to prevent accidental operations while driving and realizes a pleasant and clear-cut operating feel that goes superbly well with touch panel control. Furthermore, the pre-stroke design prevents play during initial operation for a premium feel from this middle-stroke switch.

Besides the 5N operating force product, ALPS Electric is considering adding 3.5N, 4N and 4.5N varieties to the lineup through which it will contribute to a more comfortable experience for vehicle users.


Compact TACT Switch simultaneously realizing reliable operating feel and quiet operation 1. High operating force (5N) helps prevent accidental operations 2. Quiet operation and definite clicking feel 3. Pre-stroke design used to prevent play 4. Compact middle stroke type with the same dimensions (5.3 × 5.4mm) as the existing SKSU Series

Principal Applications

  • Steering wheel switches

  • Center console panels

  • Car audio, navigation and other systems


  • Model: SKTQ Series

  • Dimensions: (W×D×H) 5.4 × 5.3 × 4.25mm

  • Operating force: 5N

  • Travel: 0.71mm

  • Operating life: 200,000 cycles

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