11 Jan 2018

Versatile CATV amplifier can be biased from 3 to 5 volts

Richardson RFPD has announced the availability and full design support capabilities for a low noise amplifier for CATV applications from MACOM Technology Solutions.

In a 75 Ω CATV application, the MAAL-011139 provides 21.5 dB of flat gain while biased from 3 to 5 volts. It provides superior noise figure while maintaining excellent return losses, and gain and current may be optimized with adjustment of external component values. The new device is assembled in a SOT-89 plastic package.

The MAAL-011139 is ideally suited as the input stage for fiber-to-the-home (FTTh) applications and other 75 Ω infrastructure applications. It can support upstream (5–204 MHz) and downstream (45–1218 MHz) CATV operation.

The MAAL-011139 can also be matched into a 50-ohm system. In a broadband 50–2000 MHz application, the LNA provides 17 dB of flat gain. It offers 17 dB of available gain beyond 4 GHz.

Additional key features of the MAAL-011139 include:

  • Single stage, single-ended

  • 75 Ω CATV, 5–1218 MHz

  • 21.5 dB flat gain

  • 1 dB noise figure

  • 50 Ω system, 5–2000 MHz

  • 17 dB gain

  • 1.5 dB noise figure @ 1.5 GHz

  • 17 dB maximum available gain @ 4 GHz

  • Adjustable current: 20–85 mA

  • Return loss: 23 dB

  • OIP3: +34 dBm

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