18 Jan 2018

Farnell element14 adds product configurator from Samtec

Farnell element14, the Development Distributor, has added a new Product Configurator from Samtec for customers to modify any Samtec Connector to obtain a variation which is exactly suited for their application. The new online tool enables customers to modify connectors and download 2D and 3D models in just minutes.

Customers will be able to modify any Samtec Connector to obtain a variation which is exactly suited for their application. As each parameter within the tool is modified, the resulting 3D image can be refreshed within the page and any changes will display a unique manufacturer part number that will capture the selected parameters.

This innovative tool, which is being launched in North America and the UK gives access to a variety of connector variations from Samtec. As the modified product is not custom designed, and is a standard Samtec modification, customers taking advantage of this new tool would not experience long lead times or “custom” prices. Once the product is adjusted, the final version of the product can be downloaded in 150 potential file formats including STEP, SolidWorks, Autodesk and a png or PDF file.

Chris Swetman, Head of Technical Product Data Experience, for Premier Farnell and Farnell element14 says: “As the Development Distributor, we are always seeking new ways to help our customers design their products and accelerate their time to market. By partnering with Samtec we are creating a richer customer experience and are able to offer an extensive range of connector products along with productive tools, such as the Product Configurator, which reduce design hours and helps our customers prototype their product more quickly and efficiently.”

Ashley Quinlan, Strategic Marketing Director at Samtec says: “We’re excited to partner with Farnell element14 in bringing Samtec’s design flexibility to all of their customers. This capability spans all interconnect segments, including 28 Gbps NRZ/56 Gbps PAM4 solutions, miniaturized products, rugged, arrays, edge cards, industry standard, and board stacking solutions. The Configurator tool allows the customer to quickly modify the pin count, lead style, plating, packaging, and much more to obtain the ideal solution for their application, and immediately download a model of the configured part in the format of their choice. Should a customer configure a part that Farnell element14 does not stock, the part can be drop shipped to the customer in less than a week in most cases.”

The Samtec Configurator is now available to use on Farnell element14 in the UK and Newark element14 in North America.

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