03 Nov 2017

DC/DC converters ideal for high-performance SiC gate drivers

Dengrove Electronic Components can help engineers working with silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs overcome design challenges and increase system reliability with its latest DC/DC converters, which are designed specifically for powering high-slew-rate gate drivers.

SiC MOSFETs are increasingly chosen for the inverters of wind-turbine or solar power-conditioning systems, or variable-speed motor drives in appliances and machine tools, to boost efficiency and reliability. The new RECOM RxxP21503D DC/DC converters, now in stock at Dengrove, provide the asymmetric output voltages needed by gate drivers to generate the correct turn-on/turn-off signals for these robust and energy-efficient power switches. They also have very high isolation voltage of 6.4kV DC, with low isolation capacitance, to maintain performance and safety when exposed to the fast switching transients and elevated operating temperatures encountered in systems designed with SiC devices.

Coming in a compact SIP7 package, the converters complement SiC’s ability to shrink circuit footprint by producing small-size transistors with high breakdown voltage and low on-resistance (RDS(ON)). R12P21503D, R15P21503D and R24P21503D variants are available, to operate from a 12V, 15V or 24V supply, and output +15V and -3V for powering gate drivers. Automatic power sharing allows use with equal-power (1W + 1W) or equal-current (1.6W + 0.4W) driver types.

Built to withstand the high stresses experienced in SiC-based circuits, the converters can be ordered with with optional continuous short-circuit protection, and feature a pot-core transformer that enhances electromagnetic shielding of the windings. All units are covered by RECOM’s 3-year manufacturer warranty, giving a high assurance of reliability.

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