14 Dec 2017

Clavister signs a distribution agreement with Hermitage

Clavister, a specialist in high-performance network security solutions, has announced the signing of a distribution agreement with Hermitage Solutions, a French based distributor operating in Belgium and Southern Europe.

"We are delighted to develop this new offering in France and in our subsidiaries. Clavister is a respected brand, recognized for more than twenty years worldwide as a leading European cybersecurity vendor, including in very demanding customer markets such as Japan. Our customers will appreciate the performance of their products as well as their quasi-invulnerability to attacks thanks to a robust ecosystem of defense with their NGFW offering which includes identity access management, endpoint security and IP reputation,” says Alain Takahashi, manager of Hermitage Solutions.

The distributor cites the resource efficiency of Clavister’s software; the proprietary nature of the software which avoids the problem of known security vulnerabilities. Clavister also offers antivirus and authentication and access management solutions.

“We’re delighted to bring a new distributor to a market that we’ve had nominal presence in for some years and strengthen our market share and commercial opportunities. We look forward to working hand and hand with Hermitage to deliver our excellent products to new customers in one of the biggest markets in Europe,” states Clavister’s Vice President of Enterprise Sales, Andreas Åsander.

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