28 Feb 2017

Test Mobile available for Verizon 5G validation

Cobham wireless have launched their test UE that is capable of providing validation to 10Gbps for the Verizon 5G standard, V5G.

This version of 5G is what is termed a stand-alone version as it can run independently of LTE.

Cobham have both the UE and base station elements that enable both ends of a V5G link to be simulated, providing invaluable resources for those developing any V5G related equipment.

The same platform is capable of evolving to pre-3GPP 5G standards. This enables the equipment to support different vendor 5G pre-standard eco-systems.

This evolutionary capability is provided by the fact that the platforms are based upon software defined radio architectures.

Where an LTE anchor capability is required, this can also be provided by the Cobham Wireless TM500 network tester.

One of the building blocks for 5G is dual connectivity which enables a UE to combine LTE and 5G carriers. This facilitates 5G deployment by reducing the impact incomplete coverage when moving between 5G and LTE coverage areas. Network infrastructure can then be steadily upgraded over time to add 5G coverage.

The TM500 tester enables dual connectivity functionality to be tested in a real world end to end environment.

In this way Cobham Wireless is enabling its customers to deliver 5G solutions to market rapidly in the most cost effective manner.

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