19 Mar 2018

MACOM expands 5G optical connectivity portfolio

MACOM Technology Solutions has announced the sampling and pre-production of the new 28Gbps transimpedance amplifiers (TIA), including the MATA-03003 and MATA-03006 devices.

This high-performance TIA solution supports data rates from 8.5 Gbps to 28 Gbps for 25G CPRI, 25G Ethernet and 32G Fibre Channel applications while featuring low power, high sensitivity/overload, reduced die size and flexibility in optical sub-assembly (OSA) for SFP28 optical modules.

Driven by 5G connectivity, data traffic demand is growing rapidly in wireless, enterprise and Cloud Data Center applications. Optical module customers are continually looking for ways to deliver lower power, smaller size and lower cost solutions. MACOM’s new TIA devices offer a 20% power reduction, while providing improved sensitivity and extended overload performance, enabling the TIAs to be cost effective and ideal in high density optical connectivity solutions. MACOM’s new TIA solution reduces the need for external components, streamlining hermetic To-header or chip-on-board (COB) assembly.

“MACOM’s new TIAs expand our 28G TIA portfolio and leadership for the rapidly growing markets that are being driven by next-generation 5G network architectures,” said Angus Lai, Director of Marketing, High-Performance Analog, MACOM. “Our newest family of TIAs offers superior optical sensitivity and overload with PIN and APD diodes at ultra-low power dissipation bundled with our highly integrated 28G VCSEL and DML laser driver, they enable the best-in-class 28G module solutions.”

MACOM’s MATA-03003 family of devices offer die pinout flexibility in optical sub-assembly, allowing them to be assembled in various To-headers with PIN detectors for short reach (SR) and long reach (LR) applications, while the MATA-03006 can be assembled with high performance APDs for extended reach (ER) applications. The new TIA devices feature a selectable low rate mode operation via RSSI control pin from 28G VCSEL and DML laser driver with integrated CDR (MASC-37028/MALD-37030), providing an improved receiver sensitivity in low data rates and backward compatibility with legacy 10G optical modules.

The MATA-03003/3006 are available in die form only. Pre-production samples are available today with expected production release in the first half of 2018.

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