28 Feb 2017

IoT optimised test solution for developers

Spirent Communications, has launched its Elevate IoT Device Test Solution, a new cellular test solution designed to support a wide range of testing areas applicable to Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

This test solution has been optimised for developers providing easy debug on a simulated system rather than testing on a live network. In this way it is possible to discover and isolate issues as soon as possible. It has been found that testing on a live system often only reveals issues late in the development programme.

Innovative IoT developers are emerging worldwide with many of their applications reliant on communicating via a cellular network. Cellular deployment has several benefits including higher guaranteed service quality, more robust air interface security, and broader coverage availability. Yet designing IoT devices can present a myriad of complex challenges, especially when cellular connectivity enters the equation.

This can be achieved because the Elevate IoT Device Test solution is able to provide simulations of the network and able to repeat issues that may only appear in a transient form on a live network.

Security is a major issue for IoT – it has been said that the ‘S’ in IoT stands for security! Even though the cellular network itself may have inbuilt security, this does not mean that the data being run over it is secure. Also different networks and end points will have different levels of security and different vulnerabilities. Accordingly it is necessary to test the security of the IoT platform. To achieve this, Elevate provides a connection out to the Spirent security checking team who are able to run security scans and penetration tests. This can be priced as either a one time or a subscription model.

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