27 Feb 2017

Analytics is the key to mobile experience on highways

Using subscriber behaviour user data analytics, Cellmining has been able to develop its self optimisation analytics system to provide a unique insight that enables operators to better utilise their network and enable a much better user experience.

Taking their original technology a step further, Cellmining has mapped the experience of subscribers whilst they are on the move, on highways, rail systems and the like.

This not only helps mobile network operators ensure a better Quality of Experience, QoE for their subscribers, but also provides a source of data for the rapidly growing connected car market. With the imminent arrival of 5G and connected cars this will be of growing importance for all operators.

The Celmining Highway Mobile Experience technology is the only system of its kind. It can perform 24/7 analysis of user data and quality of experience whilst they are travelling at high speed on road or rail. This is achieved entirely from the Call Data Records, CDR, which have been available to all operators for many years. This means that the technology is particularly easy to implement for any operator.

The Cellmining Highway Mobile Experience technology distinguishes between different services such as voice, data, Voice of LTE delivered over all radio technologies.

Tight integration of this highway intelligence with self optimising network engines enables mobile operators to implement closed loop optimisation for continuous improvement of the customer experience.

The technology uses standard maps with easy visual indications of the quality of experience. In this way operators can quickly and easily analyse the operation of their network in all locations.

This is becoming increasingly important for the performance of connected cars where particular cars are promising connectivity.

By identifying and visualizing each customer’s experience against a range of key quality indicators (KQI), including low- quality voice and data connections as well as dropped calls, our Highway Mobile Experience solution gives operators a precise understanding of the impact of particular cells on the coverage, capacity and quality on each road segment, said Assaf Aloni, VP Marketing at CellMining. “This empowers the network teams to take smarter optimization decisions that can improve mobility experience of their subscribers, and is the very best solution available for guaranteeing service levels across the road network.”

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