07 Jun 2016

Interactive video broadcast platform for producers unveiled

TokBox, a Telefónica company, has announced the launch of the TokBox Interactive Broadcast Solution for media. TokBox is the first company to give media organizations the ability to create and host their own video-enabled talk shows on mobile and web with broadcast quality scale and reach.

In addition to the white label platform so any producer can embed live video talk shows on their web or mobile sites, the TokBox Solution includes APIs and SDKs for those looking for a fully customized experience.

The TokBox Solution is used by MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM), the interactive media and Internet company of Major League Baseball, to power its live video talk show, ‘Chatting Cage.’ Chatting Cage connects players, commentators and fans face-to-face in an interactive live video broadcast on MLB.com, available for fans to both watch and participate from any device. The program airs live weekly on MLB.com and will also be recorded for playback anytime. It is also used by Fox Sports to power its interactive web video show ‘Huddle.’

The broadcast quality also extends to production controls, with complete green room functionality for queuing fans and the ability to promote and remove people from the talk show stage, as well a producer control panel. It can be integrated with studio equipment or can be used with off-the-shelf PC and smartphone technology – lowering the barrier to content creation and fan engagement. The talk show is delivered in real-time with zero latency, offering a higher quality of service (QoS) for richer content creation and delivery.

Producers looking to build their own interactive broadcast have the opportunity to simply integrate the ready to use TokBox Interactive Broadcast Solution into their existing website or mobile app. For a more customized experience, media organizations can utilize the OpenTok Platform API and SDKs for web, iOS and Android to build bespoke broadcasting experiences and applications.

Scott Lomond, CEO of TokBox, commented on the launch: “The live mobile video audience is just getting its first taste of what real interactive fan engagement looks like, and the TokBox media platform offering will enable producers to deliver experiences that have previously been unavailable. The value of true video call-in chat functions for live and web video producers delivers a powerful experience that produces the kind of engagement that brands and advertisers have sought for years.”

TokBox leverages Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC), which enables live video in browsers without the use of plug-ins, and enables real-time multicast capabilities for high quality of service for mobile content delivery, ensuring a broadcast-quality experience for producers and fans alike.

In addition to MLBAM and FoxSports, TokBox has provided interactive broadcast capabilities for the likes of MTV Networks; ‘American Idol,’ Blab.im, and Universal Music Group, among others.

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